Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gideon "eight reasons why" (1981,Canada,progressive hard rock)

Gideon is an obscure Canadian progressive hard rock duo.
As you know,Gideon is introduced here.
I was interested in this album,and the blogger sent me the mp3 file,and much pleased with the music.
Then,I found the album in the used record shop by chance and bought it.
It took much long time to make remixed version.Spread sound space,Volume control was done little by little at each part of each track.Again and again,finished files were thrown away to the dust box because I didn't like it totally. So the remixed version is better than the original version for just this once .

David Smalczewski.......Electric and acoustic guitars,Bass guitars,Bass pedals
Mark Smalczewski........Keyboards,Vocals,Bass pedals

(guest player)
Terry Hicks......drums

Side A
1.The Mechanic (6:52)   Lyrics...Mark/ Music....Dave and Mark
2.Winners and Sinners (3:02)  lyrics and Music....Mark
3.Auf Weidersehn (3:55)   Lyrics and Music....Mark
4.A Preaching (4:51)   Lyrics...Mark  Music....Mark and David

1.Spend Some Time (3:50)   lyrics and Music...  David
2.I Will Never Forget You (5:33)    lyrics and Music....Mark
3.Payoff (4:23)   Lyrics...Mark  Music....Dave and Mark
4.Awaken To You (5:49)   Lyric...Dave ,Music.....Dave and Mark

trackA4 ..A Pleaching (remixed version)

ripped from original LP.
Equipments I used are....
turntable....DENON DP-47F
CD recorder....Pioneer PDR-D5
phono equalizer...ONKYO PE-155
stereo graphic qualizer....Technics SH-8075
sazanami......scratch noise remover(PC software)
sound engine .....PC software to change the sound quality of WAVE files.


Shige said...



remixed wav

remixed mp3

Anonymous said...

Thank you vrey much ! This is a very good unknown gem ... good guitar and keys work + good rythmic !


K.L.I.R. said...

Master! You made my day so much better 8)
Thank you very very much for this rare album.

apps79 said...

Please,anyone to repost a link besides megaupload or mediafire.Both are offline here some three days now.

Anonymous said...

thank you for searching up these pearls!

Anonymous said...

Thank you..excellent job..would have been nice to have scanned both labels which imo are the most important part of any artwork [and include them].

meltedrubbersoul said...

Thanks for taking the time to remix this. I like it!

Anonymous said...

please re up!

Anonymous said...

please. new link!!!! megaupload kaput

Anonymous said...

please. new link!!!! megaupload Dead & gone

Julian Ryan said...

new link in comments section here:

おじじ said...

In Japan, there are so many progressive rock fans but no one touches this GIDEON in Blog, SNS, etc through Web.
Thank you for your introduction and now we can listen the full tunes from Youytube.

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