Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Georg Lawall Orexis Live 1981

Long time ago this very website introduced me to the incredible Orexis via the albums Inspiration and Reflection. To me here is a genre that is truly lost: progressive ethnic folk, not just simply composed, but filled with the complex european synthesis of classical composition on a background of folk instruments. This group is the brainchild of german guitarist George Lawall, who is responsible for most of the composition and (obviously) plays all guitars, as well as the sitar on some tracks. He is accompanied by flautist Knut Rossler and 2 percussionists. Amazingly Orexis produced something like 6 albums, including the self-titled debut, Inspiration and reflection, a spanish suite, communication, and this live album which has an absolutely fantastic sound quality for a live. As far as I know all these albums are lost to history except for a few vinyls here and there and the resurrection via internet and mp3 of the recordings we have tried to preserve on this website.

Please check out the other 2 posted albums if you don't know them already.

From discographies:
Profile: German world music crossover band, founded in 1975 by Georg Lawall and Gert Kilian, joined by various musicians for 8 albums until 1986. They received the German 'Artist of the Year' award for their first album in 1978 in the category 'newcomer band'.
Members (at different times): Büdi Siebert, Erik Erker, Georg Lawall, Gert Kilian, Joe Koinzer, Knut Rössler, Trilok Gurtu, Willi Kappich, Wolfgang Lauer

Link for wav and mp3 up later tonite

Artwork By [Cover] – Georg Lawall
Artwork By [Layout] – Jeanette Fink
Engineer – Alex Mitchell (3)
Engineer [Assistant] – Achim Bosch
Flute, Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone – Knut Rössler
Photography – Roland Michalsky
Producer – Günter Marek
Producer, Composed By, Guitar, Sitar, Idiophone [Balafon], Percussion, Voice – Georg Lawall
Tabla, Bongos, Gong, Percussion, Flute – Dieter "Dizzy" Pandtle*
Xylophone, Idiophone [Balafon], Percussion, Voice – Gert "Medronho" Kilian*

Roses for Moses...


Tristan Stefan said...

Wav side 1:

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Wav side 2:

Anonymous said...

Thanks, but unfortunately, the other 2 posted albums seemed to have been deleted.

Thanking you in advance for your repost at your earliest conveniences.

Tristan Stefan said...

Wow! resurrected, and then lost to history again ! Isn't that just the way with progressive...
no worries anon I will reupload soon unless someone beats me to it

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cover scans

Anonymous said...

Another good example for this kind of music is the Polish band 'Ossian'. I own the this on vinyl:
http://www.amazon.de/Ksiega-Chmur-Ossian/dp/B002G1X328 and I must say it is great.

regards from Germany, HE

Anonymous said...

This is awesome - doubly so considering it's live - what a range! - thank you!

Anonymous said...

Tristan, please re-up this!

Anonymous said...

A new working WAV link: http://netkups.com/?d=8ddf2bd6e5400

Have a taste and fall in love!

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