Sunday, November 06, 2011

Freeport - Alternating Current and Duanelessness (Germany)

An absolutely stunning discovery by the mighty and incomparable osurec, apologies for the side-long rip (perhaps we can ask our master shige to divide and conquer this one except I hesitate knowing he is overloaded with his work).

Barebones description on rateyourmusic:
Formed 1977, Germany Members Michael Berger (keyboards), Michael Sievert (tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone), Manni Naumann (drums), Jens Ahlers (drums)

I find the first album, with the odd title of Duanelessness (1980), to be superior in composition, and more accessible. The pianist reminds a lot of the incomparable W. Dauner (he is comparable this one time). The second album, AC (1983), is more free, more improvised, and more atonal in melody, similar to the inconstant sol albums for those who are familiar with the blog. We are in the tradition of European acoustic jazz with a high energy dynamic almost to the point of fusion.


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Tristan Stefan said...

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Re: Gideon (1981,Canada,Prog,HR)

My RSS feed shows the link which does not exist.

Please help at your earliest conveniences.
Always thanking you for this great site.

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Gideon ->>

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it really thrills me! never heard about them, but highly recommendable!

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