Friday, July 20, 2012

Michel Zacha - Le Vol D'Icare {France}[1974, Pathe-EMI]

Artist: Michel Zacha
Album: Promesses D'Atlantide Vol.2: Le Vol D'Icare
Year: 1974
Label: Pathe-EMI
Style: Folk/Prog/Crossover
Format: Flac + 3% Recovery
Size: 251MB
Lineage: VINYL Rip 16bit 44.1khz
Source: Album Collection

Track Listing
A1 Esquisse D’Icare
A2 Be Here And Now
A3 L’enfant Et La Mer
A4 Zit
A5 Vivez Vos Rêves
B1 Prière Labyrinthe
B2 Le Vol D’Icare
B3 La Terre

Line Up/Musicians
Backing Vocals – Maria Popkiewicz
Bass Guitar – Olivier Bloch-Laine*
Drums – Thomas Guthrie
Flute, Saxophone – Frédéric-Ronald Dodd*
Guitar [Electric] – Jean-Pierre Alarcen
Guitar, Piano – Michel Zacha
Percussion – Marc Chantereau
Piano – Georges Rabol
Piano, Mellotron, Synthesizer – Georges Rodi

Second album and in my opinion the most adventurous musically of the three. Once again a top album featuring a fantastic line up of musicians


Pollux said...

Michel Zacha - Le Vol D'Icare 1974
320 Mp3

Mr. Morgan said...

génial, merci beaucoup


Great gift, merci beaucoup !!!

Ade H said...

Any chance of uploading to Mediafire please? Rapidshare is Snailshare, and maybe mp3 rather than a huge FLAC file. I'm being ungrateful. I apologise. Thanks for making it, and everything else here, available :)

Ade H said...

Oops I see there is an mp3 - didn't read it properly - sorry - but my comment on Rapidshare stands - it's been hopeless for months

Pollux said...

Thanks for your comment Ade H I guess it depends where you are located for RS, I was a big fan of Megaupload as the links would stay forever and the speed was great.
I know RS isn't what it used to be unfortunately it seems the most reliable for me...I will try netkups again but it failed on my last few uploads. We have a cap on usage here unfortunately so I can't keep uploading files over and over again another reason I dislike RS...links die fast :(

Tristan Stefan said...

I thought I saw on another website mediafire is close to being shut down too... a lot of files being removed quickly. I had trouble with netkups too until I created a (free) account, now it's ok.

Pollux said...

Thanks Tristan I will try to sign up as well :)

Anonymous said...

The links do not work anymore... :-(
Is it possibe to repost new links, please ?
Thanks !

Anonymous said...

The links do work anymore, too old.. :-(
Can you post new links, please ?

ASDLR said...

This needs a repost.

Thanks for your work.

Anonymous said...

yes it does need a repost, i totally agree

ASDLR said...

I've been desesperately trying to hear this. Any any any way you would re-post it on UPLOADED/TURBOBIT etc. ?

Thanks a million

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