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Bernard Benoit - Rigena {France}[1978, Polydor]

Artist: Bernard Benoit
Album: Rigena
Year: 1978
Label: Polydor
Style: Folk/Prog
Format: Flac + 3% Recovery
Size: 250MB
Lineage: VINYL Rip 16bit 44.1khz

Source: Album Collection

Folk song guitarist, Bernard BENOIT first recorded two albums of Celtic inspired folk music before combining current rock influences with those of his Celtic origins to produce two other albums on which the crystal clear notes of his acoustic guitar blend with the electric tones of a synthesizer and electric guitar. He thus creates a perfect synthesis between his Celtic origins and current rock sounds giving an extra dimension to his music which is evocative of Dan AR BRAS or Mike OLFIELD (though less commercial). Excellent progressive folk music worth discovering.
Studio Album Released in 1978

Track Listing

1. Anterdro (3:35)
2. Le Cheval Boiteux (3:26)
3. Morte-Eau (4:20)
4. Reelodon (3:07)
5. The Trip To Sligo (2:55)
6. Ki-Tan (2:33)
7. Rigena (20:21)

Line Up/Musicians

Bernard Benoit - Guitare
Padrig Sicard - Bombarde
Jenika Gaelle - Voice
A friend of mine after I suggested he listened to the 20min Rigena track described Benoit Bernard as a "Pastoral Mike Oldfield"...I strongly encourage you to listen to this beautifully unusual Celtic Folk and hopefully it will charm you as it once (and still) did me


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Bernard Benoit - Rigena 1978


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This is a really nice album. Thanks for the recent zacha reposts as well it was so hard to find them! Are you gonna do more from the past? I'm interested in the canadian electronic group Syrinx that was here as well but links aren't working anymore...

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