Monday, July 23, 2012

VA - Noorte Laulud {Estonia} (1978)

A VA album from Estonia featuring as highlights well-known prog groups Psycho and Ruja. I learned about this from the sovietgrooves blog, which I recommend to all jazz, fusion, and progressive fans, it's quite a phenomenal site for learning about iron curtain music. On that site they wisely sampled only 2 tracks from this record leaving the rest unheard, but curiosity got the better of my usually sensible nature. This was when I spent a recent 2-day stint in the county jail for beating up a homeless guy with his starbucks cup when he refused to lend me a dollar.
Most of this record is easy listening or pop with orchestral backing, which I enjoy due to my late and graying age, but apologies in advance to those without dentures who have little taste or patience for this, or for straight-out disco. Or polkas. There is even a country or bluegrass song, track 4. 'Ouch' is my usual response to finding myself in this situation. But patience is rewarded, the last 3 tracks are superb progressive rock songs.

01. Jaak Joala & Estraadiorkester, dirigent Rostislav Merkulov - Elavate laul
02. Voldemar Kuslap & Estraadiorkester, dirigent Peeter Saul - Igavene tuli
03. Jaak Joala & Estraadiorkester, dirigent A. Zakis - Laul verelilledest
04. Silvi Wrait & Fix - Värviline maailm
05. Ivo Linna & Apelsin - Aeg ei peatu
06. Kukerpillid - Lipsu-Peedi polka
07. Peeter Tooma - Vaikus (Sounds of Silence, Simon & Garfunkel)
08. Tõnis Mägi & Psycho - Naera, naera
09. Ruja - Laul naidendist - Protsess
10. Psycho - Nomina sunt odiosa

Here is the 8th track, from Psycho, a fantastic progressive rock song:

And the smoking hot fusion side of Psycho appears on the last track:


Tristan Stefan said...

VA noorte laulud

DrAzteca said...

Thx a lot !!!

Anonymous said...

Very cool, and thanks! Now the next question: can you find some Psycho studio albums? :^)

isabelbc said...

here a live album Psycho -> :o)

Anonymous said...

Are you serious about beating up a homeless guy for not lending you money?

Tristan Stefan said...

yes good question anon !
None on this website, but doesn't mean there aren't any. Better to ask the dealers in Estonia.

Tristan Stefan said...

No, not serious.

So far, no psycho studio album according to estonian connections.

Tristan Stefan said...

this is the lossless copy, a new upload

Anonymous said...

Can you please re-up?

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