Friday, July 20, 2012

Robert Viger - Climats

This is a musique pour l'image library record. It never ceases to amaze me how much work some composers put into this genre that would destine them to anonymity.
A partial discography can be seen here on rateyourmusic:
and here:
Disappointingly there is no page for this gentleman.
The music is typical french library soundtrack music with alternations of orchestral, easy listening, string quartet pieces (incl. the magnificent 'transcendence' which I love, with its scintillating chord changes), etc.

Here is the best track, the first one suitably called Limpidite. I could easily see it being the theme music for a gorgeous french film shot in Aix-la-Chappelle with beautiful Isabelle Adjani as a brilliant university student rebelling against false democracy, depilatory agents, and her father's old mores by sleeping with several professors incl. Jean-Louis Trintignant as the most hilarious uptight philosophy prof who does tombstone-carving as a side job, meantime her much older boyfriend, Gerard Depardieu, rides a moto, has long hair and diatribes, smokes pot constantly and of course is always quoting Sartre while complaining about having to pay alimony to his ex-wife in Gainesville, Texas. I won't be spoiling anyone's experience by stating the obvious: at the end of the movie they join a commune in Tahiti and everyone sleeps with everyone else. Interestingly the costume budget for this film was said to be the lowest on record for any major motion picture studio production due to the fact everyone was naked through most of it.
Later a Hollywood remake was made of it, with some changes: Melanie Griffiths plays a mormon churchgoer rebelling against the disposable diaper industry, who finds her one and only love (a Bible salesman moonlighting as a spy) in Hawai'i.
Ironically, when the American version was dubbed in french for the market in France, both Adjani and Depardieu were re-hired to do the language dubs. Predictably, Depardieu was drunk thoughout the process due to a long plane-ride in which he downed 216 small vodka bottles and so he kept making linguistic mistakes like translating 'fun' into the french word 'partouze' and referring to orange juice as 'jus de chatte'. It then became a huge hit in France 5 years after the original all over again.


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litlgrey said...

Bless ya! I'm actually missing this one.

Tristan Stefan said...

My apologies, I think I misspelled his name on the wave and mp3 tags. Correct name is of course Robert Viger.

Anonymous said...

many thanks for this

Calisan said...

Really carried me through wonderful 70's french cinema from Truffaut to Téchiné to Chabrol.
but Is there any artwork? or is it only lost from the archive?
any help would be appreciated in good resolution!
Thanks Tristan One of your best shots!

Adamski said...

A great instrumental record! There are clearly classical influences. Discogs even lists one of his records under "baroque" :)

I was wondering if you could post any other of his solo records?

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Tristan Stefan said... front and back covers

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Thanks Tristan

JN said...

great, thanks

danny said...

this is so great. your blog is great! unfortunately filejumbo is you have a mirror link for the losless?

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new link in wav :

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