Friday, July 13, 2012

SUBURBANO "marismas" (Spain,ethnic prog, 1980,2nd album)

SUBURBANO "marismas" (Spain, ethnic prog, 1980)

We sometimes have strange experiences.
When looking at the cover of the records,we feel sure that  it is the Masterpiece at once .
I felt that kind of feeling when looking at this album's back cover's photo.

Why is such a masterpiece sleepnig without coming out to every prog fan for many years.......?

Awesome combination among instruments ....very well balanced (more impressive listening with your headphone )
Technical and tightly-plotted tracks and complex rhythm section.

Nothing to say anymore........Listen ,mates !!! It is the great Spanish prog masterpiece ,literally.

SUBURBANO's first album is more traditional ,folk prog and ethnic feel (of course ,excellent album) although the front cover of the album is more progressive........


track 9


Shige said...

WAV..lossless with scan

mp3 with scan

apps79 said...

thanks m8, fantastic post!

Anonymous said...

david baxter - goodbye dave?

impossible request?

Mr. Banstead said...

Arigato gozaimasu!
This is a very nice surprise LP!Very appreciated1

Tristan Stefan said...

fabulous... strongly recommend it

Dr Dopo said...

Oooh, very nice! Thank you shige, another great post. This is some of the best prog/folk I've heard in quite some time.

Dr Dopo said...

Just found the track list if anyone's interested...

03.-Baile del acantilado
05.-Moros y cristianos
07.-Dos muchachas
10.-El zumbido que no cesa

magogiallo said...

Thank You Shige for this spanish pearl I have never upload of the first LP would be really appreciate THANK YOU

ushaped said...

Yes this is a beautiful album. So much amazing music from Spain. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank Very Much !!!

Anonymous said...

Can this one get a re-up, please? It is nowhere else out there. Thanks! Norm

Tristan Stefan said...
NEW REUP Oct 9 2013

Liba said...

I'm loving your blog. Could this be re-upped? It sounds like it'll be amazing!

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