Monday, June 11, 2007

KobChangJunGol - "Hello" {Korea} [1999] (hard psych/prog)

Well i couldnt find a good information in english to copy/paste. This is a good band, as i learn from my friends, they are quite popular in Korea. while listening to the album; it was a nice suprise to meet one of Kim Jung Mi's song cover. Informations welcome.


thanks to hwabian :)


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*the album name is in korean, my friend said; it would be better to call this album "Hello".
**i delete the track information, and i couldnt find a way to write them in latin alphabets, sorry for this. informations welcome

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It's a pleasant surprise to see this album here. (I'm Korean. :-) )
Here's song title translation into Korean.

1. One, Two, Three
2. Information Junkie
3. Love You
4. You're Already Me <---- San Ul Lim cover
5. I Loved You from the Beginning
6. A Beautiful Country <------ Shin Jung Hyeon cover
7. A Beauty <------ Shin Jung Hyeon cover
8. Through The Mist
9. Outro

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Thanks alot. My wife is Korean and we are very happy about your post.

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