Monday, August 06, 2007

Seventh Dawn "Sunrise" {USA} [1976] (acid folk,progressive)

Here is some really good US folk imagine Moody Blues or even Trees but with more spooky feeling and maybe sometimes more fragile.The female vocals sounds like Vashti Bunyan goes US. It sounds more like it would be from the UK then from America. Really like their way to mix light progressive vibes with folk music. How ever this album was released in 1976 in just 200 copieson the Fantasy Worlds Limited label I think the number on the record is R3. The recordings were made during 6 years from 1970 to 1976 by a university class at the Virgina Commonwealth University. This is now a mega rare but Aquarius have released it back in 1995 in 275 copies. But as you all know prognotfrog offers a cheaper solution.

Ann Munson: vocals, guitar, synth
Bill Munson: vocals, guitar
Eric Munson: vocals, bass
Heff Munson. vocals, drums, keyboards, synth

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Best Wishes From Sweden


Love=Hell, Space=Acid said...

Copy Paste

gris-gris said...

hi!, I have been this blog for a long time and I have discovered some fabulous. I'm interesting in canterbury, kraut, psych-folk, world-music...

greeting from spain.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, thanks so much for this!

Eric Munson said...

How interesting to find us here. I am grateful for the positive review.
Eric Munson

Heff Munson said...

Hello, Heff Munson here.
I have set up a website providing free downloads of my songs, including re-done versions of my songs from "Sunrise" by The Seventh Dawn. The site is
I hope you find something you like.

Anonymous said...

Update, April 30, 2008:
1. "Sunrise" has been reissued on CD with four additional "bonus" tracks.
2. "Dreams" (the followup album) has also been reissued on CD with six additional bonus tracks.
3. "YouTube" now contains three free videos (one slideshow plus two live performances) of songs from the "Dreams" CD. The "YouTube" videos can be accessed under "theseventhdawnus".

Anonymous said...

The Seventh Dawn is back as of January 2011, with a new CD, "Wakenings", available at
A video for the opening song "Won't You Come Around", is on YouTube on heffmunson's channel.

Anonymous said...

dead link :(

isabelbc said...

try here :o)

iceman said...

@Anonymous- The new Seventh Dawn recording, Wakenings, is being released by the band as a cdr, and according to a review in there are issues with bad skipping problems, so anyone interested might consider going with the Amazon mp3 selection, which is $5 cheaper. Not lossless, but if cd's are unplayable, does it matter? BTW- This band(?) is incredible and well worth checking out, as you say. Cheers

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