Tuesday, November 08, 2011

OLIVE (1976.heavy sympho prog,Japan)

OLIVE (1976.heavy sympho prog,Japan)

About one month ago,my dear friend ,Isabel uploaded legendary Japanese prog "OLIVE".
After that,I borrowed the original LP from my friend.
The most surprising fact is  tracks' name and order of the album is partly different from Isabel's file.
Maybe ,Isabel got it from someone,so she didn't notice that it is the wrong order.
I ripped from the original LP ,so enjoy it again ,prog friends all over the world !!!!!!
Without Isabel's devotion to prog and effort,I couldn't reach here.Thanks a million....(^^

大塚敬子 vo
中野渡正光 read guitar & vo

(guest players)
石嶋利和 g & vo
川村一森 ds
萩野溙  b
宮沢謙 key

Side one
1.ピエロ (5:29) lyric・大塚敬子 music・中野渡正光
2.伝説 (7:55) lyric・石嶋利和 music・中野渡&石嶋
3.黒の魅惑 (4:11) lyric・渡辺哲夫 music・石嶋
4.時は風のように (7:30) lyric・大塚 music・石嶋&大塚

Side two
1.魔奏曲 (10:00) lyric・大塚 music・中野渡
2.オリーブ (4:55) lyric・olive
3.遺書 (8:53) lyric・石嶋&大塚 music・中野渡
4.蜃気楼 (7:13) music・中野渡

ripped from original LP.

Equipments I used are....
turntable....DENON DP-47F
CD recorder....Pioneer PDR-D5
phono equalizer...ONKYO PE-155
stereo graphic qualizer....Technics SH-8075
sazanami......scratch noise remover(PC software)
sound engine .....PC software to change the sound quality of WAVE files.


Mit said...

original wave(including scan)

original mp3(including scan)

remixed wave(including scan)

remixed mp3(including scan)

Anonymous said...

thank you very much,great job with sound - superb !

K.L.I.R. said...

Master Shige does it again, this is a great album and you made a splendid work with the sound. many thanks.

isabelbc said...

dear friend Shige,
million thanks to you too!
by your love for music and your pleasure to sharing we have the pleasure to learn about the amazing world of Japanese music
thank you for your sweet and lovely words <3

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much! I am still downloading, but I'm confused by your comment about the track names and order being different. I can not read Japanese text, but comparing the Japanese titles given in your post and Isabel's, they are all in the same order. Do you mean that on Isabel's rip the track titles were in the right order, but assigned to the wrong tracks? Sorry if that is even mnore confusing ;-)

The6070Rock said...

É Bell, até que o treco é legalzin...
ROCK ON ever

Mit said...


I am not good at English,so cannot explain about your question well....but anyway....my UL is right about tracks' order,not Isabel's.Of course both of them are right ,indeed,but content of the file is different about tracks' order.

Anonymous said...

Can someone re-up this lp? thanks

Anonymous said...

Needs to be re-upped please.

Anonymous said...

Anyone got a working link?

isabelbc said...

new link http://netkups.com/?d=a34617c9286f7

Anonymous said...

OMG I got a link, ok lets give it a listen...

thanks Isabelbc

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, this is good, worth the wait !! Thanks A LOT

Unknown said...

Wszystkie linki są martwe!

Anonymous said...

Where was this gem found? It appears as if it was lost to time and survived some great purge by the skin of its jacket.

ramone48 said...

new links?? would very much like to add this to my music library

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