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Bran - "Ail Ddechra" {UK} [1975] (Wales Prog Folk) (Pre Pererin) (@224)

Bran were a Welsh singing prog band in the early part of the 1980. After their 3rd release, the band evolved into the Welsh folk-rock band Pererin

Nest Howles assumed the Welsh language singing-drummer position in Bran’s three LP career. Instrumentally, the first is arguably the best to leave the in-house Sain studios at Rockfield. The track ‘Breuddwyd’ is an unsung prog masterpeice with a hip-hop break, classical fender rhodes passages and malnourished fuzz, while the ‘haunted house’ cover art is as prog as it gets (even without an egg).

01 - Y Ddor Ddig (3:30)
02 - F'Annwyl Un (3:01)
03 - Y Gwylwyr (3:00)
04 - Wrth Y Ffynnon (4:19)
05 - Myfyrdod (2:27)
06 - Rhodiaf Hen (2:19)
07 - Lwybrau (2:44)
08 - Mor Braf (2:54)
09 - Caledfwich (3:03)
10 - Blodyn (3:45)
11 - Y Crewr (3:36)
12 - Breud Dwyd (4:04)

- John Gwyn / Guitars, Vocals
- Nest Howells / Vocals, Keyboards
- Gwyndaf Roberts / Guitar
- Dafydd Meirion / Drums, Flute

08 - Mor Braf ....
12 - Breud Dwyd ...

Link for download "Bran - 1975 - Ail Ddechra" in comments ...


isabelbc said...


milbin said...

Thank you so much for sharing this album!
I'd recently bought the (excellent) "Welsh Rare Beat" just to get some more Bran tracks after the sample on the (also great) "Prog is not a 4-letter word". Unfortunately, the Bran album itself was nowhere to be found :(
The alternative version of "Breud Dwyd" on this album is simply stunning!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I also heard of Bran from the "welsh rare beat" compilation.

Amazed to find this, to my knowledge the only way to hear this music without spending ££$$ on an original vinyl copy

Someone should re-issue this on cd soon!

Again Thanks for posting, what a fantastic blog!

dyl mei said...

Bran where around from the early 70's, they released an Ep on a small label called Gwawr, well worth tracking down,the 1st album is amazing, second one is ok'ish, third one is just cock rock....they deffo need to be reissued...meanwhile if have a search for Tebot Piws, Meic Stevens or Heather Jones....Oh i found this on You Tube,live perfformance.

Anonymous said...

Dyl Mei
You must remember that at the time the third album (Gwrach y nos)was released in 77-78 it was not cock rock as you describe the music it was what a great deal of the teenage welsh fans were into, i know because i was there!

Alashiya said...

Hi Isabel,
Unfortunately, the download link for this one is broken. Would you mind sharing it once more?

Best wishes,

isabelbc said...!download|227p8|164988282|BR-ADD.rar from

Alashiya said...

Ah, diolch yn fawr!

Anonymous said...!download|811p3|164988282|BR-ADD.rar|65936|0|0|1|referer-D81590D024E1151162A6522A88D9E08F password

Mariano Paniello said...

Hi, I know it's seven years after the fact, but might I prevail upon your kindness and ask you to post it again? Just heard the vinyl being played at a local coffee shop and absolutely love it! Thanks so much.

새우마스터 Se-Woo Master said...

I really want to know all the lylics of their three albums. Is there anyone who knows where all the lylics is?

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