Thursday, January 11, 2007

Footch Kapoot - "Good Clean Fun" {USA} [1978] (Psych Prog Rock)

Another musical gem which somehow or other managed to completely bypass the musical scene of its time, only to languish undiscovered in the vaults of obscurity until now. Released on the Cornball label in 1978, Footch Kapoot (a silly name, admittedly, but don't let that deter you) this is an album of whimsical eccentricity which defies musical categorisation. From the opening bars of 'Don's Mom's Green Boiled Ham' you just sense you're in for something very different and every subsequent track simply confirms one's first impression. All six band members are virtuosos of their own chosen instrument, with several showing their multi-instrumental skills with consummate ease. The album rocks at times, then leans back and gives us a soft shoe shuffle a la Leon Redbone's 'Walking Stick.' There's incredible honky-tonk piano, crazy clarinet made stranger by the use of a reed modulator which gives the instrument a sound the likes of which the human ear has seldom, if ever, heard. The slide and lead guitars are slick and effortless, the drumming tight as it comes, and harmonies that just blend together into one angelic voice.

Don's Mom's Green Boiled Ham..
Sleepy Time Day..


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Hi Nahavanda! Thank you for all of your posts. I like most of them. Especially the ones, wich involve intruments and influences from all over the world. One highlight was a sampler with turkish jazz and psych tunes. So it´s really time to say thanx.
By the way "footch kapoot" was probably taken from the german saying: futsch kaputt, which means something really does not work anymore (Like a car). But people don't use that term anymore! R.

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hello! i am glad you like them. thank you for your nice comment & information.

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link is still alive - Am downloading before the Deleter gets at it - I must say I never really Downloaded a lot - But I will add what I see in the archives to my Wish List and get copies of most (eventually).

Mostly we need others to influence us to listen outside of our own sphere. Problem is 'Finding The Time' Got Inga Rumph playing here as I write. We need one of hers on here.

Love Above Gold.

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great great

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Footch Kapoot is from Wisconsin, USA, not the UK. I know because I d/l'ed this and liked it so much I found their website & bought the CD!

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