Monday, January 15, 2007

Upload-Speed: 5.78 KB/Sec, 162.4 minutes remaining.

yes some of the albums here uploaded more than 2.5 hours and when you add the reviews,tagging,pictures covers that sometimes makes 4 hours work..the one who visits the site have ability to delete the links in seconds..and the one who visits the site also ability to download albums in minutes..

My deleter friend i love you as i love all the people.

But the pity thing is some albums downloaded here more than 900 times without even 1 comment in time..At the beginning i knew what i am doing..A place to come together with peaceful melodies from all over the world and add something progressive inside. This is Prognotfrog. Visitors had a chance to taste music maybe more than 50 countries till now. The strange thing: hits shows daily 3-5000 visitors but maybe 3 or 4 comments daily..and most of the comments like: "No scans again!!" "This is 128k.dont download this!! (although it is in different bitrate or really hard to find album)" "This released in other blog!!" "F*ck You!!"..... No none of us collecting "thank you" bonuses wont add a statue,money,charisma etc and none care this kind of things in here.. but the thing we were expecting is: this place be a place more than a downloading that people can comment about what he/she think about the band..what he listened as similar artists..what she felt..maybe have some knowledge about the band..maybe he was searching the album for a long time....

Many good things happened too..i made some good friends with this site..some of the artists send their work to contrubute..some of them find us..some of the friends share the experiences with us..

however i am tired at the moment.. as i said at the beginning i knew what i am doing..but now i feel strange to the thing that i am doing.. it will be better for me to rest for a while.

So be well, stay in love.


Anonymous said...

I have downloaded quite a few albums from you and I would like to thank you for the great job you have done. Hope you'll be back soon.
Love from France

Anonymous said...

Illegitimae non carborundum. Don't let the bastards grind you down, my friend.

Come on visitors - don't just take, comment.

Raphael said...

It's a pity, but I understand your feeling about all this, and I'm grateful for all the good music you shared. We are in a world that we forgot to say "thank you" most of times.

Anonymous said...

I recommend stop using rapidshare. Its seems that everyone who uses rapidshare has this problem with deletion.
Try out which allows you to do multiple uploads and their download speed is very fast. Also Quicksharing, is not bad either. ++++ people who don't have accounts can download all they want.

Jonas said...

Well, I just want to say that all you people who make these blogs, filled with beautiful, strange, and fun music, are doing a great job...!!!
Thanks alot for all the music...!

Jonas, Sweden

Anonymous said...

Between the mad deleter and rude users, it's got to be difficult. I've left a few comments in the past, but not as many as I should. That Ayers title looks great and I've just started to enjoy your forum. I hope to become a more active participant there. Thanks for all of the rare music. I can't tell you how many titles you've posted that I previously had spent all sorts of time looking for (Skywhale being the latest example).


tucker said...

Time is the most precious commodity we
all possess these days, I'm sure, and it's too easy to forget to say Thank You
in our rush. Your feelings are completely understandable - you provide a
wonderful service to thousands of anonymous people. Let me add my voice to those who apolgize for past rudenesses -
know that your efforts are not unappreciated. I don't know where you
find the time to be as active as you are, but I thank you for your Herculean efforts, my Prog-loving friend.

Anonymous said...

I agree with these comments : we're here to share knowledge, feelings, joy and get in touch with each other.

Internet regularly shifts back and forth between the outlaw system ("take and run away") and a fragile international community.

Let's behave as international citizens : let's leave comments when we download something and let's thank the volunteers who make a regular and nearly daily great job : we owe you, Nahavanda!

Take care,


Anonymous said...

thank you very much for all your hard work. you've introduced me to quite a few things and I've always enjoyed visiting the site — reading your posts and listening to the audio.

I'm sure with this little hiatus many of us will come to realise all that you have offered over the time the site was in action. I look forward to your next post, whenever that shall be

jason / hey convict!

Francis said...


I would like to thank you warmly for all the great albums you have posted on your blog. Your blog and others are the best way to share the music we love, to cast some light on some obscure bands, and make us happy when we discover a real gem. I'm animating a metal radioshow, and sometimes I wonder if I'm not the only one listener in the area. But I keep on broadcasting my music. I hope you will come back soon. Good luck...

The_Seer said...

I have discovered your blog just today.
It looks like a real treasure, the good music is out there but usually impossible to find, thanks to you, i'ts much easier to find it :)
I hope you will return to updating this blog one day.

I salute you!

Anonymous said...

Mea Culpa

I can't tell you how many albums I have downloaded, but the less Ican say is that you blog is nearly the most amazing one around.

The fact that I didn't post anything to thank you is that I have not listened to any of them yet. An I did'nt want to tell a lonely "thanks" even if that would have pleased you.

so thanks very musch for all the work and keep going on. you ca visit one of my two blogs (one in which i am only invited - click on my pseudo)
the other one is and is french writen (only bootlegs from great bands are available)

see ya soon

Anonymous said...

This is all I have to say : Thank you =D

Anonymous said...

I really would miss it to post your blog to totally fuzzy...

Richard said...

Trust me on this - just because you don't hear 'thank-you' very often doesn't mean people don't value what you do...

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm not sure if I've downloaded stuff from you but I really appreciate all the work to make it so easy for everyone all over the world to max out their harddrives with awesome, esoteric music. Thanks! From Philadelphia . . .

Anonymous said...

Some may call this "the blogger blues". This disease is typical not only for music blogs. the idea of sharing knowledge, have discussions about music, artists and musical trends is a good one. in my experience forums often are a better place for those aims than music blogs.

The question of "Hey what am i doing here?" is a serious one. Some may call this goal and value clarification.
I hope you will go on here.

I have had my blogger blues in the last year.

herr k. from "totally fuzzy"

zoskiaos said...

Just wanted to thank you for all the fine music you have shared with everyone, your blog is one of the best ones I have come across. Hopefully you will continue!

Anonymous said...

Not You! Please! I'm another lazy downloader - I'm checking your site everyday. I often tell myself "man, don't be lazy, write something!". Ok now I did. Thank you sooooooooooooo much!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi ... I'm not a big prog fan but I often cruise by your site just to see the intriguing looking items you have on offer. I may have even downloaded a couple of things over the past year. What I want to say is that folk like yourself who go to so much trouble to make all this material available are making a real contribution to the spread and appreciation of music that is one of the true pluses of the internet culture. I accept that there are legal grey areas involved in all this but they have to be dealt with by those who have the know-how in those spheres. The fact is that this is now just one of the many ways by which music is spread around the world ... the toothpaste is out of the tube and there's no way to put it back. Those who complain about bitrates and missing art don't deserve the service you are providing and their ungrateful comments make me angry too, so I can only imagine how they must make you feel. I understand your frustration and if you give up now, that too would be understandable, you've done a lot of good work. If you continue then it's because you love the music and want to share it with kindred spirits. Either way, well done my friend.

Anonymous said...

Keep the road. There is no vaccine against that. I can't imagine that 1000 people post comments.
The Web is like the society, nice grapes and black sheeps.
The Forum is a good way to exchange, because people must register at it. To say : making an effort to get something.
Maybe you should do like 8 Days In April : create a private blog where all downloaders are identified.


Chuy said...

Mea culpa also. I have been downloading albums religiously for about two months now with no comments, but I subscribed to the forum already and expect not only to comment but to contribute some albums. Don't let the deleter discourage you, indeed like someone said before this is the most amazing music blog around.

ProgChuy from Mexico

Chuy said...

Cheer up my friend!

Your work is *truly* appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Get some rest from your frustrations knowing you have many friends here. Thanks for a great blog!!!

Love & Peace

Anonymous said...

It's all too easy to play 'smash and grab'. I apologise for grabbing and never leaving a comment, your blog has opened doors to music I would not have normally heard and I've learnt a lot, so thanks for all your hard work, it IS greatly appreciated.

Keith. Sydney, Australia

bluzit said...

Thank you so very much for this wonderful blog. We all get lazy at times and don't comment but most of us love you and the work you put into this great place .

bluzit Missouri,USA

Anonymous said...

thanks for all your work on this blog. you introduced me to some terrific stuff and I wish I had commented at the time. enjoy your rest. said...

Like many others, I am sad to see you created a great blog that I visited with anticipation of a nice surprise every day. I discovered it just 3 weeks ago although an old pro at collecting (30 years plus) great music, I always found something new and exciting here. I only left one thank you note (for Marisa Koch) but I do appriciate all your hard work and admire your taste in music and your willingness to share it. My plan was to leave more notes but I tried to pull as much music off as possible in a hurry (before the links disappear) and now it may be too late. Well, I want to thank you now and hope to hear from you again soon! If you are looking for some rare music, my CD collection is available - I am originally from Czechoslovakia so I have quite a few CDs from there. I wish I could re-pay you somehow but I know one thing - from now on, I will make sure I leave comments and thank you notes more often!

Thanks again and good luck!


Progger said...

Your unconditional love for the deleter and all of us shags who ripped but never posted is really beautiful. When you're up and running again, I'll leave comments for the love and care and time that you spend.

Garland said...

I really appreciate what you're doing. you've got a great site which has really opened my eyes (ears) to lots of new (to me) music.

Keep up the good work!

geophys12 said...


I'm sorry that there are still vandals that feel the need to destroy beauty.
Hang in there even though it is frustrating. This deleter is a sign of the times and obviously takes delight in agitating people. It is a truely pathetic exercise in exerting non-existant power.

I enjoy reading your music blog. I have learned a lot, downloaded a bit and have been exposed to a world of wonderful music. Keep up the good work and don't let that person (giving benefit of the doubt) get to you.

All the best and hang in there. Remember that the vast majority of the people out here love what you do.
Dr. C.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for not leaving any comments. I appreciate the hard work you have put into this amazing blog. I am envious of these record collections. Even when I don't download I read each post with interest and curiosity. Learning something new every time. Thank you for your hard work.

I am sure its frusting to want to create a community and run into an example of the "tragedy of the commons." Everyone free riding but few contributing anything back.

Sorry and thanks again!

yoh said...

i discovered this wonderful land from a link of interesting name on the "8 Days In April" blog and then became a frequent visitor.
for me a prog fan who didn't go into that field so far at that time, this site did help me a lot and my appreciation couldn't be enough.
people here have great taste and kinds of stubbornness to guide us traveling a beautiful and unforgettable musical trip...
anyway i don't think having a break is wrong..

Best wishes from China!


Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

go on man, that's absolutely fantastic. How can I upload to your blog some Italian rare prog gems ?

Love & Peace

Anonymous said...

Mea Maxima Culpa.

One million thanks from Quebec, for all the wonderful music.


smitty123 said...

So sorry for not having the courtesy to say, most sincerely, "Thank You!" for what you've posted here. So many of us seem to have lives that give us little or no time to do the right thing: to acknowledge the time and effort it takes to run blogs like yours. You've enriched so many of us through your generosity, and the least we can do is to take the time to be grateful. I encourage you to take some time away, to come back when you're ready, and to have a little faith in your fellow music-lovers. And I promise: I will leave a comment every time I visit your site in the future. Take care -- and thanks again! -- smitty123 (TOM) in Urbana, Ohio, USA

jess manuel said...

hey don't feel bad, man. it's alright. the artists/bands whose music you've featured here probably felt the same way as you're feeling right now, unappreciated. yet some of their works stood the test of time. yours will be too. fret not.

proghog said...


Your work does not go unnoticed believe me guys...... I think you have one of the best music blogs going..... you're a magnificent tribute to prog and other musics marginalised by an ignorant media and public..... you should rejoice in the knowledge that the although you don't see too many comments as long as the work goes on it will engender itself into public consciousness in a more preferable subtle manner than say a sledgehammer to the head which only has a short tem effect....... maybe that's what our deleter friend is afraid of....... send him love that's all we can do.... after all small minded people are usually fear driven one way or please endure...!!!!!
On a more blogging note seeing you posted Laurent Thibalut's magnificent LP, would any of you have Laurence Vanay's third LP by any chance.... I have the first two.... never been able to score the third though.... it's kind of related to this great LP as you may know......
Your in Faith,Hope and Love ........!!!
Proghog, Sydney ,Australia....!!

Ummagumma said...

Hi,I'm an Italian blogger (De musica alterque)and the same thing is happening in my blog, I have 2500/3000 visitors daily but there are 3-4 comments only by the I'm on your side and I agree what you say. Ciao friend!

Anonymous said...

Oh dude, don't go.
You've posted some of the most beautiful and under-appreciated albums ever - where else would I get a gem like the Cardboard Village album from if you left the scene?

I hope you stick around......

Anonymous said...

I've posted this before, and I'll post it again: this is one of my favourite blogs. Please continue. Those of us who run blogs can sympathize with you: many visitors and few comments is a wide-spread phenomenon.

broadwaythehardway1988 said...

Well my friend. I understand your point of view, and I was, for the same reason as yourself, very close to log into and click the delete button of my own blog. However a lot of positive feedback prevented me from doing so. But God, I was tempted.

And as yourself and many others know, it's a lot of time and effort spent serving such a place like this. I am honest enough to say that I don't like all the music posted in here. Nor do I like all the stuff posted by my fellow contributors over @ my place. However, that is not the point. Point is showing gratitude to you for the work you do. Hell, if I don't like the music, I don't download it....simple as that.

Again, I have been where you are now. But I do wish that you decide to carry on. Worst memory of my own... 2 CD's posted that lived for 5 hours, then gone. Yeah, that pissed me off.

Take care buddy!

Karel said...

It's sad to see you go....

your work is more appreciated than you will know; not leaving a comment is not the same as not respecting the good job you do and the pleasure you give to people
I do understand your point of view and I must admit that I am one of those who does not leave a comment everytime I download (sometimes I do)but believe me; I think you do a great job with a lot of great music

Read all the comments and you'll know what I mean

Whatever you do I respect your decision and wish you all best!!

Thanks again for all the music!!

Karel from the Netherlands

Dennis Wolfs said...

I only came across your site via some progrock usergroup recently, so I can't really thank you yet for downloading tons of terrific albums here, but my world is being enriched all the more with each album I immerse myself into. Don't worry, nahavanda, you have quite the following, and for very appropriate reasons as well. :)
And a big thank you is still in place though. (THANK YOU!)

Paperlate Rock Radio said...

I've downloaded a few rare prog albums the last months and gave them airplay in my radioshow. On behalf of myself and our listeners, thank you for posting those rare items and please come back soon.

Paperlate Rock Radio

Nadia & Alberto, Italy! said...

Always remember... life is short, forgive quickly, kiss slowly! laugh n love uncontrollably and never regret anythithing that made you smile.
thank you for all.
back soon!

Anonymous said...

i am also a silent downloader! thanks a lot for all the grat music i exploerd on your blog and all the best my friend! hope to see you one day again... your doing is not unusual, it happened also to other blogowner and that's why i can completely understand what you are feeling. thanks again!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I know, I´m a lazy sod for not saying Thank You for all the great stuff I have dl´d from your blogsite. I´ll try to behave from now on. And keep up the good work, I´ve heard so many great bands that I didn´t even knew excisted thanks to you.

Psychedelicatessen said...

I am also a Dutch DJ doing the Psychedelicatessen radioshow on Radio Patapoe, every sundaynight at and a lot of this music gets airplay on my radioshow. I hope you will continue doing the great job that you are doing because there are too many jewels forgotten in oblivion. Too many blogs have been closed down because of the deleters lately. Can't we delete the deleters somehow?

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's all been said. Just want to let you know that you are appreciated, and my apologies for ripping and running on occasions. I'm considering starting such a blog myself (just what the world needs, eh?), and have been checking them all out. Yours is one of my faves already. One thing I won't be doing is using Rapidshare... Now, if I can just get my Blogger account working...



schele said...

Hi, another Dutchie here! Don't let "the Deleter" get you down, my friend: He's (they?) probably an sad and angry guy, trying to piss people of just for the hell of it...

We had the same problem on our blog, but after a lot of comments, it just stopped!

So just keep doing what you do best: posting great and obscure items!!! Keep up the good work!

Ceno said...

A some time ago I follow you work, almost albuns from my collection came from here. I have so many music blogs favorites in my bookmarks and I can say without shadow of you doubt that is the best of all, always updated and with great discoveries. My congrats about you work.
Best wishes from Brazil =]

Erni said...

Dear People at PNF,
Your fine work is much more important that you think, surely; I know your feelings about doing a good and sincere work, and later thinking your efforts are underrated. Please don't give up, and think about: If your work is appreciated and enjoyable for one, two or so people, but sincerely, well, it's a great thing!!
Soon, I will to upload to you some argentinian obscure prog gems.
THANKS for your dedication in share fine music, and best wishes from Arg.!

Anonymous said...


Paddop said...

I'll keep it short so you won't be spending hours on reading comments..
Keep up the Good work! love your post especialy the "trippy' ones

Anonymous said...

I too have taken without proper I say a heartfelt thank you my friend.. now maybe if we all thank the bloggers on other sites this situation will not arise again...

Anonymous said...

Like so many others before I'd like to thank you for the tremendous time and work you obviously dedicated to this blog. Though this thank you may come a bit late, it comes from the heart. I can fully understand that you'll take some time out. Hopefully you'll be back some time in the future, because people like you make the world a place worth living in. My best wishes to you!
From Germany

fd said...

My actual personal tastes are actually more fusion than prog oriented.Nevertheless I visit your
blog almost dayly, as it is definitely one of the best, if not the best, to be informed about this particular type of music.
YOU HAVE BEEN DOING (& hope you will in the future) A FANTASTIC JOB!!!
From Brasil.

Anonymous said...

I visit this blog almost every day and I really appreciate the effort you put in it. From now on, i promise to comment. Thank you very much. Pontus, Sweden

Theo said...

yeah stop using rapidshare would help. PLEASE STOP DELETING... WHOEVER YOU ARE...

panos1 said...

Dont worry!keep the forum and forget everything!

There people kno what the ask and how to thanks!there you can find friends and reallygood music lovers!

Live this uploading without a comment system!you have everything you need in your really house THE FORUM!

Regards and thanks for everything from a grateful greek!

Anonymous said...

It's a great site. You provide all of us with a valuable service. Like all public servants, you often seem unappreciated and even attacked. That doesn't make what you do any less valuable.

You've done a good thing here. If people forget to say thank you (as I have), it doesn't make us any less grateful. Don't let our rudeness grind you down.

You will be missed while you're away. Not only because of the downloads, but also because of the education about/introduction to great artists that most of would never otherwise hear about.


Anonymous said...

Heya NAHA !!!

I agree with your words and I'm
very tried to post something too.

Time to time I'm sharing by torrents, trying to force the users to share the post, keepin
the sensation of we are a group (or something like this).

I have no expectations about comments, no problems, but, nowadays in my blog, if want to get rock, you need to share rock.

Thanks for all brother.
Take care.


arstider said...

Also downloaded some stuff from you.

Very glad for all things from my homecountry which I never heard before. Some which I haven't had time to listen to yet.

Best wishes from Sweden

Anonymous said...

thank you for all of your hard work and for sharing so many wondering things! nan x

Anonymous said...

It's all been said.Thank you for posting some wonderful music.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work! I've just discovered your amazing blog, it's a pity if you stop now... thanks anyway!

Anonymous said...

Hello dear ProgNotFrog,

Your blog is amazing. I've learned so much and discovered new bands. You are doing great work.

Not enough comments? well, I also run a website devoted to prog-rock. I get about 1,200 daily visitors, and VERY FEW comments, if at all.

Most web users are silent. They visit your site, use it and then leave. Don't feel so bad about it.

If you want to rest - go ahead and rest. You deserve a vacation. But there's no need to be bitter about running this blog.

I recommend that you take it easy, make fewer posts and enjoy your life. You don't have to suffer for this blog. Post new albums only if you have the time and the energy.

If you truly love the music you're sharing with the world, nothing will ever stop you.

All the best!
Uri Breitman

mdnardis said...

A note of appreciation for sharing such exceptional music (and great frog pictures too).

A.Mouzon, Isotope, J.Hammer, Garabarek, J.Farrell, Passport,
P.Gleeson, Vasant Rai,... and so much more that would be "unheard" by many of us, without your blog.

mdnardis Vancouver Canada

Anonymous said...

for the music u have showed me here and in Slsk ;) i have just one thing to say

"muchas gracias"

tu amigo en Guatemala ...Chapinfloyd ;)

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for your great work and of many others. Although I'm new in to this of downloading music I never imagined all the time and effort that meant.I hope you reconsider your idea and as you can see you are not alone. It seems that sometimes people need to be reminded of basic manners. THANKS! from Chile

Mario said...

sorry about the incovenience

I don't have a great knowledge about progressive rock and similar styles, as you have. But, the next times I'll try giving my impression about the albums.

I believe that the big quantity of visits in the blog is a manner of recognizing the importance of this website for us. That's not the better way to recognize, but show to everybody that progressive rock, and other kinds of music not so famous are still loved.

sorry about my english

Mario, Brazil

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right, I'll post some comments too in the future =p

Thanks for all the wonderful music you've given us!

Anonymous said...

appreciation often needs no words, especially if all one find here is better than what one can add... my appreciation is silent, but strong. Believe it

ZaXXoN said...

WOW - Naha, my friend you really started something. For many years I have loved the sounds you have played to me (On Paltalk) and through Soulseek. Also on PnF.

I must say I have posts that never drew a comment and I assumed No One looked. However, the ones that drew a comment or two certainly inspire me.

Like you. I am going to hang tight before posting again. I am sure there are Bright Lights at the end of this tunnel.

Anonymous said...

Thank you sir! I only discovered your labor of love in this year! But I appreciate your taste in music and keeping the prog and fusion fires burning! Keep on keeping on!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the negative always seems to outshine the positive. It seems easier to complain about something, than to just be thankful. So, try and look at it this way the all the positive silence far outways the minor written negativity.

Thank you for your love of music.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to thank you for all those great music, you've published here.
...and keep up it!
P. from Hungary

Noisenik said...

Hii Nahavanda, EllaFree and others.

I guess the biggest problem is time. It's relatively easy to download sth. But then to listen to it... That's other story.

In september my comp died. Before that I must confess I have dwnldd a lot of stuff. But I be damned if I listen to 10% of it, let alone listen to it profoundly. Bottom line is that I get a job so f..d up that I hardly find time to eat (12hrs-job), not to do other things whatsoever.

You have uploaded a lot, really a lot of music. 40% of it I know nothing about and then again almost no time to listen and I am morbidly curious and irreparable optimist.

So Nahavanda, as you are tired and not a little disappointed, I suggest to slow down a bit and also suggest that you reduce posting. Maybe if any poster would post once a month it would be enough. More than enough. On a cumulative level I/we are not able to cope with such quantities anymore.

Yours with no time. Noisenik

P.S. I have been thinking how to thank those who could be called "Gods of music-sharity"? Perhaps a tribute band. Well, I'll do my best that you won't slip into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

Cheer up Sailor, this site is immense! X

Rainbow Demon said...

This is an important place which has only very recently been revealed to me.
It seems a shame that people can be so cold about such a wonderful service. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you and your web-mates do here. It's a fabulous learning spot for me.

I will be going to NEARfest this year.
There are many fantasic bands performing this year:
Magma (France)
Hawkwind (England)
Magenta (Wales)
Pure Reason Revolution (England)
La Maschera di Cera (Italy)
NeBeLNeST (France)
Indukti (Poland)
IZZ (United States)
Robert Rich (United States)
Bob Drake (United States)

I also am privileged to work at the Lehigh University Radio Station ( where I am a member of the community staff.

In the short time I've been coming to your site (2 days) I have learned so much... Please, hang in there, Nahavanda, and know that there are many out there; like me - who are just about to discover this wonderful place.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you !!! I've discovered so much good stuff. I can't believe all this music existed. Without you, lots of these obscur bands would disapear completely. You make them live on. Thanks from France.

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you !
I've discovered so much good music thanks to you. All these more or less obscure artists would disapear completely without you. You make them live on !
Thanks from France.

Nasir said...

Because of your amazing blog, I have found countless new artists and albums that I have really enjoyed listening to. You can be sure that even if you do not receive comments from me, I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into this. I am sure others feel the same way.

This is not your job, this is something you are doing it for the love of the music. If you don't update the site for some time, that is no reason to worry about some sort of retribution.

I think using another upload site for your material might be easier for you and the users. I know Megaupload has low wait time and is relatively quick, perhaps you will find you can upload quicker to it as well. Other sites are around that are similarly quick and easy.

Thanks once again and I hope you can continue posting in the future.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the lack of posting.I agree with you, I will now post more comments and talk about the albums i listened to.

Thanks a lot for hosting P-N-F, without you and the site i'd never have some of the wonderfull albums i now have.

Ludwig said...

it is absolutely true what u say. i knew lots of strange, hard to find music bcz of ur hard work. but if u check the visitor's counter, u ll find thousands who feel the same of you, or us;

truth is, like we usually said in Argentina, u ll miss the thing, when u already lost it.

thats why there's 85 comments like this one, sincere;

rest my friend, but come back soon! u re a light in the vast internet ocean!

Anonymous said...

A HUGE THANK YOU, NAHAVANDA I downloaded some albumns in your blog and they're all great music. Music that will stay with me for the rest of my life, for sure.

In my opinion, you are absolutely right to give yourself a break. You've been posting too many albumns for a long period.Which is great for us, but, obviously, a work that demands a lot of time and patience by you. Also, there's this jerk troll deleting the files.

Nahavanda, i wish you the best of luck in 2007 and thanks again for the obscure jazz-rock albumns you shared. André - BRASIL

Anonymous said...

not much to say that hasn't been said. discovered the site two weeks ago and you've blown my mind with some heavyweight sounds. please don't feel unappreciated - i'm feelin' the love and radiate it back in return.

Anonymous said...

Ah, dommmage.
I've left one or two comments, but, nevertheless, you deserve a break. Let me advise bitter rancour rather than the 'I still love you' approach.

'Prog not Frog' is/was one hit I always made, and that Don Bradshaw album warmed my cockles.

I will welcome you back.
Thanks once again.


Anonymous said...

Like so many visitors to PNF before I'd like to thank you a lot for the great amount of time and work you dedicated to sharing those great records. I apologise for often grabbing, listening with delight, but seldom leaving a comment.
Your blog not only offered those great records, it provided so much information about the musicians, the situation the music was recorded in etc. Every post was breathing love and real enthusiasm. And that made your blog a fixed point in the www for me. When asked, what me favorite blog is, I don´t had to think a lot to answer...
Once again thanks for all your hard work, I appreciated it very much.
My best wishes to you!

From Berlin, Germany

Fred said...

Bastards will destroy themselves with greed and hate. But people who were inlighted by all your great contributions will never forget you.

You helped this world go round, by spreading some joy.


BunkBreaker said...

Your site is remarkable.
The music is far beyond excelent.
My problem is the language, my english is so poor that I do not dare to express my thoughts.
I hope you can understand this words.

Cualquier blog de música debería aspirar a la condición de Prognotfrog, la música no necesita ser traducida, debe escucharse con el oido y ser recordada con el corazón, tal como tu lo haces.
Sigue con tu impecable trabajo, que nuestro respeto y admiración desde hace mucho tiempo lo tienes.
Long Live Rock ...and Prognotfrog too..!!!!
Ruben Pineda, from the limits of Arizona Sonora Desert in Mexico.

Anonymous said...





OMAYYAD said...

No matter what you do or say, there will always be those who don't like you or the things you do. It's worldwide and the unfortunate state of mind of the world.

Yet everytime someone downloads something you have shared, it is a vindication of what you did! Somehow, somewhere, a person took a chance on what you showed, read the words you posted, and decided that what was there was worth acquiring for their enjoyment. In that one act, you are vindicated for what you've done because someone got exposed to music they did not know about or did not have! Take solace in the fact you enhanced someones life by giving them new enjoymentor made them just a little bit more musically literate.

Remember as well that it is an empty person who gloats to himself that he has music that no one else has or can hear. I myself turn around anything I download from anywhere and expose five or more people to it. They expose others and so on and so on. The concept of spreading music via weeding has a new methodology in the 00's but the concept is the same.

Here is hoping you continue for a long time to bless us with music!

endewi said...

Well... U r right, Im downloading sth from this site from time to time... so Thnx 4 the music:) Im really happy when I see sth new I like (Im listening to "Arsenal" everyday:), keep doing what U do, cause its great. I will comment things I like in here. Take care of U people!!

ZaXXoN said...

Hold Faith - The Deleter will get his Freedom will win. That NAZI Clown will ;pse.

Anonymous said...

As many people here i just want to express my sadness about this comment problem. I realize how lack of comments can be felt by you. For me creating a proper english text expressing feelings about the music takes quite much time - too much in fast livestyle. From the other side I hate to leave short, meanless comments - it's a reason for shame to me. However I discuss your music - not with you and your guests but with my firends for who prognotfrog is important as well. And I belive this is good, cause the mission of sharing music is carried on. We share this music with other friends and inform them about the great site where they can find more.

The music you post is not good for people who jump from blog to blog in search of some new good tunes. I know that because some friends of mine resigned of downloading your music. It was to difficult for them to find the beauty in it or maybe they didn't have a time to find it. However, you still have those 3-5000 visiors a day and I believe this should be a reason for you to be proud - you gave to those 5000 people the music that we love and that we would probably never heard of. In my life this blog is very important source of knowledge about music. Irreplacable source actually.

This is unfair that loss of your time isn't repayed by our comments but please realize the thankfullness (rarely described on the blog) and be sure of the fact that your work makes opportunity for discussion, unfortunately without your participation and kowledge.

Best regards from your friends in Poland

Gaël said...

I often downloaded albums from you site but I never left any posts, not because I consider this site as a simple download area but because I think that my posts are not enough interesting ( just to say : "this upload is wonderful" , or "thanks for all you do for us"...) and that your musical culture is thousabd times bigger than mine. The only thing that I can confirm to you is that you made me discover fabulous forgotten albums that I bought on vinyl or CD in the following days when I liked them. Though the adversaries of music downloading are thinking about this, you are doing more for the music and the memory of the music that any site of purchase of music on line. I owe you a big part of my musical culture and I bought tens of albums which I would never have bought if I had not known your site. Thousand MERCI for your work and your abnegation. I have much respect and admiration for you and your work even if never left posts before. With love from France. Gaël. ( Excuse me for this approximative English )

jesukrist said...

Nahavanda, your work is highly appreciated and just as I told you before on slsk; thanks to PnF my musical interest (and knowledge!) has boosted big time since I first discovered PnF so it is my sole responsibility to _at least_ be eternally greatful for the effort you put into all this. :)

Keep it up!

Mike said...

I have downloaded quite a few albums for you. Your hard work directly improved my life, this obscure music is wonderful to hear and I love it. People like you are what makes the internet so great. Thank you so, so much. -Mike, USA

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