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The Quarter After "The Quarter After" {USA} [2005] (Psych Rock/Pop)

Rob Campanella is the leader of The Quarter After. More known in the for being a Producer than a band leader I guess.

Here you will find Psychedelic songs that herold influences of the Byrds - as well as UK Kinks and Beatles, at times the sound is like Tom Petty. Mostly I feel the Byrds 12-string guitar however, there is plenty of Fuzz Guitar and even Wah Wah.

The opening cut "So Far To Fall" is typically Byrds - and I have seen references on the net that draw similarities on this track to the Monkees - Pleasant Valley Sunday - this is the Psych Pop area.

"Your Side Is Mine" determines to catch your ears with a great Guitar riff leading the way. Fuzzed guitar sounding as if it belongs in the sixties leads the way. If this was a sixties release I guess it would have been a hit.

"Always Returning" starts of acoustically and picks up quickly into something very close to Tom Petty - the whole song sounds closer to TP & The Heartbreakers than any of the other influences. This is great music for playing whilst driving. Nest is "A Parting" and back to the McGuinn Byrdsy sound - It is polished and sharp.

My favourite is the 12 minute "Too Much To Think About". This track has some excellent guitar work and reminds me of many a 60's classic (Eight Miles High). The song has various mood changes as it plays which equals excellent listening.

Rob produced the Quarter After's debut record with the help of the band. Almost all of the records basic tracks were recorded "live" in the studio with the musicians in the same room. The only overdubs were the vocals, keyboards, percussion and acoustic guitars. This captured the vibe and energy of the band on stage. Guests on the record- Anton Newcombe (BJM)- echoplex noise Farmer Dave Scher- lap steel guitar Miranda Lee Richards, Mara Keagle- backing vocals Twink (Tomorrow, Pretty Things, Pink Fairies)- tambourine. The record was mixed by Rob and Nick Walusko of the Brian Wilson band as well as the Wondermints.

01 - So Far To Fall
02 - Your Side Is Mine
03 - Always Returning
04 - A Parting
05 - Too Much To Think About
06 - Know Me When I'm Gone
07 - Mirror To You
08 - One Trip Later
09 - Taken
10 - Everything Again


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