Sunday, January 14, 2007

Kevin Coyne & Achim Goettert "Opera For Syd"

Kevin Coyne has always had my respect. This is a very different outing for him.

Yes they do Floyd cuts and the Jazz Sax hits the trail real well, but I doubt if Syd would have loved it as we do.

Closer to Beefheart than Floyd this wonderful concert is exceptional for it's strange beats and interesting Jazz - Prog sounds with some exceptional solos too.

I realise that I have almost a complete collection of KC. And have been adding some of the Siren recordings recently - I assure you every song is worth a listen, I cannot express the joy (As a Kevin Coyne fan) That I have when listening - I just warn off the people thinking it has a lot to do with Syd. Introductions are in German and I do not speak - Kevin was BIG in Germany and ought to have been BIGGER in his native country - Good on you guys out there in Germany who supported him.

A 192 sampled content that came to me from Borlando - Thank YOU - This is one of my favourite Kevin Coyne recordings. Sorry I have had no time to support this place as I am back at work and it SUCKS - Both my time and my uploading options.


ZaXXoN said...

luc said...

je suis aussi un vieil amateur de kevin que j'ai vu pas mal de fois en concert,je recherche le beautiful extremes et le blame it que je n'ai qu'en vinyls pouvais vous m'aider?

poor said...

Amazing album !

On Prognotfrog forum
you can find posted two excellent Kevin's bootlegs (brilliant sound, @320) and few videos !

Any Kevin Coyne fan must know :


The Kevin Coyne Group :

Pascal's Kevin Coyne Page :

Richard said...

Thanks for posting this. I am a huge Coyne fan. PLEASE post:
a) the Siren stuff
b) BLAME IT ON THE NIGHT (for me his best record ever & criminally unavailable at the moment...) you have any LOL COXHILL you could post, e.g. EAR OF BEHOLDER, TOVERBAL SWEET, FLEAS IN CUSTARD or either of the LPs he did with Steven Miller?
Thanks again! Great blog!

Jenerator said...

Dying to hear this but I think the link`s down, Any chance of a repost or putting it on the forum?

ZaXXoN said...

It seems like I am the victim of the same person Nahavanda mentioned of. If I upload again it will be a seperate post. Sorry - but someone is deleting our files.

Jenerator said...

Got it from the forum and it`s great, a real treat to hear One of my heros paying tribute to another one.

Dario said...

Dommage le lien est mort !

Anonymous said...

Mort dead fertig...

Anonymous said...

Perharps must ask this from the forum...
Pnf is great!


isabelbc said...

new link

Anonymous said...

And toc!
yet a given link running so our ears discover this album strange and penetrating. Thanks of course to PNF, but especially thanks to Isabel (a heroin on this site) that never forget us!


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