Sunday, January 28, 2007

Edition Spéciale - Aliquante {France} [1977]

Hi PnF ! For my first contribution, I wished share with you Edition Spéciale's first album.

Aliquante proposes us a colourful music, goes out of typically French progressive jazz, quite at the same moment virtuoso and warm. Soloists and rhythmic musicians form a quite harmonious and terribly effective here to give life to a remarkable progressive ' seventies '.

Embarked on an indescribable rhythmic complexity, Edition Spéciale still improved its set for "Aliquante", a term particularly well adapted to this album because Mister Larousse explains it in his dictionary by " Whom is not contained an exact number of time in a whole ". A whole program! Digging between funk, be-bop, Brazilian music and rock, Edition Spéciale made for this time equal set with Weather Report and the other Return To Forever, except for the means. And placed us seven original tracks among which impressive "Vedra", "So Deep Inside", " La Ville En Béton " or " Alone Completely Unknown ", called to become very quickly classical authors of the French rock of seventies … In this faithful republication, Musea adds by way of bonus the models of "Camara" and "Aurore", two title that we shall find later on "Horizon Digital", the third and ultimate album of Edition Spéciale, an album which the messin label of will miss to propose us in a future who, hope, will turn out close. In the meantime, "Aliquante" will fill lovers of sophisticated and intoxicating musics … Magnificent!

01/ Vedra
02/ A la source du rêve
03/ So deep inside
04/ Le temps d'un solo
05/ La ville en béton
06/ La fille du ruisseau
07/ Alone, completely unknown


Lefouauflingue said...

BronDune said...

Super ! Good quality jazz-rock. May I compare it with Passport ? Yes I do.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

It's a very good album!!!
But the first Edition Speciale work is "Alle des Tilleus" (1976), very good too!!!
Thanks for this "Aliquante".
from Brazil

Lefouauflingue said...

Indeed "Allée des tilleul" is a great album too. Moreover the band released two reeditions of these albums (in 2004). I really think to order them soon!

Salty Dog said...

Hey buddy,

Great addition indeed! Love the album, love the way it was ripped: I guess this is as close to the sound of vinyl as you can get.
Thanks for this one!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me in parts of Return to Forever. Some very clever composition and playing. Thankyou for sharing this.

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