Thursday, January 25, 2007

Fates Warning "A Pleasant Shade Of Gray" {USA}[1997]

well... this is the first post after some problems we have as a blog,i dont want to analyse how i feel or write something about that,also i dont want to write anything about this beautifull album or add a preview from a site etc...enjoy this album as i'm doing for almost ten years

link in comments


manelis said...

link for a pleasant shade of gray :

bongolong said...

good to see you all back on your horses ready to do battle and keep us posted on all these wonderful shares!!


Meneer said...

Ok I'll give it a try :P

Chuy said...

Glad to have you back...

BunkBreaker said...

Muchas gracias por regresar.
Todos los blogs deberian aspirar a la condición de tu sitio.
Saludos desde Mexico

Anonymous said...

Glad to see your back I just found this blog you cant give up now

Laruchis said...

Thx a lot for another great post!
I do appreciate!

proghog said...

G'day PNF,

Phew.... I thought you were a "goner" !!!
This post isn't really my cuppa !!! I'm just glad to see a post from you guys.... Could I perhaps ask you if any of the PNF buddies had any of the following:

Bernard Witthuser - first solo LP
Headband - Suntalk
Pan Ra
Gloria's Children
Electric Funeral
Frank David Selection
Cloud Nine
Blister Chap
Air - Teiweise Kacke.... aber stereo...
Mosaik No. 1 (krautjazz 1974)
- Reinhold Weber Elektronische musik
- Reinhold Weber Elektronische und phonetische
- Reinhold Weber one more lp
- Es In concert
- Xhol Altena 1970
- Headband Fette bruhe
- Chris Karrer The mask
- Kraftwerk St. Ingbert 1971 boot
- Anor Taste of pomegranate
- Moose Loose Transition
- Circle Zopalki
- Woodoo Taikakulkunen

Please let me know at thankyou...

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that you haven't lost faith in the site.
I've heard of the band, but never actually listened to them, i surfed to progarchives and listened to a song from the album..
Sounded good..
Thanks to you I can now, listen to the whole album..
Greetz from Sweden..

Pedro Taborda Duarte said...

wow! Great album! Thxs :) Greetings from Poland

Anonymous said...

yeah, not my bag at all but very happy to see new pnf posts. don't leave using turning a lot of friends on to you guys! keep freakin'

Anonymous said...

Outstanding of my favorites so far


Meneer said...

Pretty good stuff, altough prog metal isn't really my genre :)

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