Saturday, January 06, 2007

Peter Lewis with David West "Live In Bremen" {USA}[2003](Rock)

Back in the sixties Peter Lewis played in the band Moby Grape and they did some great (Psych Based) Rock music.

This is an interesting event which apparently almost never happened.

A totally acoustic set where Peter Lewis plays many old songs from the Moby days.

The official CD has 18 tracks but that missed out a part of the concert. Here you will find the complete 27 tracks played at that event.

Official track list is as follows:
01. Journey to the Crossroads (Peter Lewis) 4:18
02. If You Can’t Learn From My Mistakes (Peter Lewis) 2:59
03. Fate Full of Shadows (Peter Lewis) 3:49
04. In Between the Lines (Peter Lewis) 4:51
05. Little Dreamer (Peter Lewis) 3:38
06. Right Before My Eyes (Peter Lewis) 4:26
07. Beyond the Storm (Peter Lewis) 3:51
08. Set You Free This Time (Gene Clark) 3:35
09. When You Walk in the Room (Sharon Lee Myers) 2:59
10. It’s Late (Dorsey Burnette) 2:25
11. Pictures of the Past (Peter Lewis) 3:31
12. Murder in My Heart for the Judge (Jerry A. Miller Jr./Donald J. Stevenson) 5:20
13. Black Moon (Peter Lewis) 3:05
14. Johnny’s Garden (Stephen Stills) 4:02
15. Just the Way Things Are (Peter Lewis) 3:53
16. If Life Was Just A Game (Peter Lewis) 5:41
17. In This Place (Peter Lewis) 3:09
18. He (Peter Lewis) 4:40

Our version adds
02. Motorcycle Irene (Skip Spence) 2:24
04. Hey Grandma (Jerry Miller/Don Stevenson) 3:14
08. Shape By The Window (Peter Lewis) 3:37
09. Aint No Use (Jerry Miller/Don Stevenson) 4:53
16. 8-05 (Jerry Miller/Don Stevenson) 5:15
19. Silver Wheels (Peter Lewis) 3:11
22. Lost Horizon (Peter Lewis) 5:22
23. For You (Peter Lewis) 4:45
27. Fall On You (Peter Lewis) 2:16

Of course this skews the "official" track order around a bit and makes for a double CD rather than a single one. The sound is great VBR avg (on the samples) around 190.

Peter Lewis - guitar, vocals
David West - guitar, mandolin, banjo, background vocals
Radio Bremen-Sendesaal

Thanks go to Huck for the Extended Version.


ZaXXoN said...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this concert. This is surely the best material ever recorded by a former Moby Grape member. Please don't give up...

ZaXXoN said...

Thanks anon. It was a gift to me when I got it - I listened to it when in Singapore and loved it - So I go back to it from time to time and think of the Good Side Of the guy who gave it to me.

Michael said...

I am trying to get a hold of the Peter Lewis tracks
but I get a messaage syaing theya re unavailble

can you help

ZaXXoN said...

I wll try an makea re-post if you are still looking - However, I my have lost the files.

If I have -Sorry...

if not... I will post again.

Tak Kak said...

Please -- any word on a RE-post?? The extra tracks seem like they'd be great!! Thanks for the great music!

Josevaty said...

please: a new re-post ????
thank you very much.

ZaXXoN said...

Sadly - I do not have this anymore. It was lost in a hard drive crash.

I am looking for any version myself now.

ZaXXoN said...

I was lucky enough to find someone with my original post so uploaded again for those that missed... We can all be happy now.

Anonymous said...

ZaXXon. Thank You very much for this excellent notice. The tracks not included in the Taxim edition are great !!
Thank you again from Spain.

Anonymous said...


Luiz Byrds (from Brazil)

indiffer said...

Thanks a lot for these extra tracks. never knew they existed. will be posting the taxim version in lossless soon if anyone is interested and add this site to blog list here ...

check it out

indiffer said...

I posted the Taxim version in FLAC for those interested ...

Also, linked the Taxim post to here for any visitors interested in the missing/extra tracks/complete performance.

Thanks again for this complete version.



can ypu please repost this Live CD?
Thank you very much

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