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Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias "Complete"{Manchester England}[1973-96](Parody Space Rock Psych Punk Folk Rock Blues Pop Progressive and all the rest)

Mandrax Sunset Variations: That is the cover to the right. It consists of the 4 albums released by "Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias".

1976 - Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias
1977 - Italians From Outer Space
1978 - Skite

They also released this album:
1996 - Radio Sweat

Also included are the 2 EPs release during the Punk Era:
1977 - Snuff Rock
1978 - Heads Down No Nonsense Mindless Boogie.

The first album's tracklist is as follows:
01 Torture You
02 Pavlov
03 I Like Gurls
04 Dread Jaws
05 Follow The Guru
06 Dead Meat
07 Anadin
08 6.45
09 Jesus Wept
10 Mandrax Sunset Variations Parts 1, 2 & 3

From the first track with the amazingly sensuous lyric "I don't wanna talk to you. I just wanna t t t t torture you" played as a parody of Dr Hook (I think) through the Reggae "Dread Jaws" , the Psychy "Follow The Guru", rocker "Dead Meat" to the Lou Reed soundalike "Anadin" eventually ending with the Hawkwind parody "Mandrax Sunset Variations" "This is your captain speaking - Your captain is knackered". We loved it back then. I admit the sounds have a sort of 'dated' feel about them now, but, I still like them.

The Band:
Bass - Tony Bowers
Drums - Bruce Mitchell
Guitar - Bob Harding , Jimmy Hibbert
Guitar [Pedal Steel] - Simon White (2)
Vocals - Les Pryor*
Written - By, Vocals, Guitar - C.P.Lee

1977 saw the release of "Italians From Outer Space" and by this time I had seen them live doing a parody Rock Festival which was really a great live act and extremely funny. They did tracks from both these albums and it was well worth the psychedelic substances we had digested prior to entering the night club in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Wonder if Tab has any left???
01 Old Trust
02 Brrr!
03 I'll Come If You Let Me
04 Invocation Of The Fundamental Orifice Of St. Agnes
05 No Change
06 Peon In The Neck
07 Happy To Be On (An Island Away From) Demis Roussos
08 Teenager In Schtuck
09 Italians From Outer Space: (A) The Ballad Of Colonel Callan
10 Italians From Outer Space: (B) A Fistful Of Spaghetti
11 Mandrax Sunset Variations Part VI
12 Neville
13 Breakfast
14 Wholefood Love
15 Holiday Frog
16 Teenage Paradise
17 Willie Baxter's Blues
18 It Never Rains In El Paso
19 Whispering Grass
20 Death Of Rock And Roll

This album mixed country sounds (Comically) with the previously Rock, Psych and Space Rock still appearing and also Pop elements. However, there are bits of Zappa, The Firesign Theatre, Dylan and a lovely Beefheart parody "No Change - Peon In The Neck". Some pokes at punk start to appear (nothing so wonderful yet as the Snuff Rock EP). It all ends with a Joe Walsh / Steve Miller style rocker "Death Of Rock And Roll".

The remaining tracks on this album make up the "Skite" album. Some Dub Reggae, a "Doo Wap" version of the Sex Pistols "Anarchy In The UK", Skite had its moments but did not have the highs of the first 2 albums - It did however, parody the mood of '78, in a way. XTC etcetera.

Also included in this post are the 2 EP's. The absolute excellent "Snuff Rock" EP and the almost forgetful (Chart Success) of the Status Quo Headbanger parody).

Oh yes. SNUFF ROCK. Well, this has to be one of the better Punk recordings. Taking the proverbial out of the Damned, John Lydon himself and all. If you take it all too seriously - then you'd end up like Syd. There are 1 or 2 surprises in the Punk section of this post - Oh well. They are part of it and I attend to the possibilty of posting RADIO SWEAT, if you good decent folk want me to. *Smiles*
There are a couple of real good examples of this period of Albertos y Lost Trios Paranoias from this period available on YOU TUBE. So look if you DARE!

You Tube Sweetness Version 1


Oh. By the way. That "Complete" at the top should read "Almost" as well. Heads DOWN!
Place in line 502. Looks good for 2020.


ZaXXoN said...

Links for this POST...

Just to say. I do not affiliate with any sexual or ritual entertained within. A young friend of mine died in the last few days and I have found it painful to make this post. Yet I posted these files around 4 weeks ago.

God be with my 21 year old friend.

Έσάρ Σέβεντιουάν said...

Man, im so sorry for your friend. Its so sad when young people die :-(
Million thanks for your uploads, we really appreciat it. Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias are so good musicians with great sense of humour! They are definately the best download of the week! Thank you.

God be with your young friend

ZaXXoN said...

Thank You. God is with him - of that I am sure. His dad gave me a hug for the comments I made on the local weblink to the story. He was a special young man. Sadly taken through no fault of his own.

jd said...

And on a much lighter note...

I'd like to point out that the name of this band is Alberto y los Trios Paranoias. Singer/guitarist C.P. Lee used the altered name to Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias on Radio Sweat, presumably because there were "lost" Alberto tunes included.

ZaXXoN said...

Must admit to wondering about the Los and the Lost :o) Great band though.

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I will see what I can do for a repost - These files are on an offline hard drive - Give me till the weekend (Dec 21)

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Got the files on line again - So can upload in the next 24 hours. Thanks for all your patience with me.

ZaXXoN said...

as the Donovan song goes... 'Happiness runs in a circular morion - thought is like a little boat upon the sea.'

The re-ups have eventually came home for those who have waited = only around 2 weeks after promised. That is good when we compared to Microsoft!

This original post can be found here = 210MB)

What was suggested as a possible addition (i.e.) Albertos Y Lost Trios Paranoias - Radio Sweat = (As a bonus for those willing to punish themselves a little more - lol is here = just over 100mb)

Special thanks to chris41 & roxanne45 for making this possible.

quietasamouse said...

Mucho kudos & ta very much :)

repsac3 said...

Thanks most vociferously...

You've made at least two random strangers here on the innerwebs & intertubes very happy (& isn't that what livin' in this internet age is really all about?)

Hopefully someone (perhaps even me or the mouse) will do the same for you one day soon.


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I too attempt to put peeps in touch with their long-long musical chums & hope that maybe they'll make some new ones along the way.

So I hope mine fine host, Zaxxon, will not mind me slipping in this url to my own small contribution:-

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