Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fikret Kizilok - "Gün Ola Devran Döne" {Turkey} [1996] (1968-70 Early Works) (@320)

"Collection of singles by Turkish protest singer much-beloved by young musicians in the underground scene in Turkey, but virtually unknown anywhere else; Fikret started his career playing electric guitar for Cahit Oben Dörtlüsü, which led to appearances in the Golden Microphone song contests that also spotlighted the talents of Erkin Koray, Mogollar and the brothers Hür El; Kizilok frequently collaborated with Bülent Ortaçgil (whose own Benimle Oynar Misin album is a lovely artefact of the Turkish scene), and no surprise -- it was Fikret's involvement with prominent folk poets as a result of their shared interest in traditional Anatolian folk music which was the foundation of his storied solo career; the fifteen tracks included here (all from 1970-1974) sport some heavy grooves ('Leylim, Leylim,' 'Gözlerinden Bellidir,' 'Gün Ola Devran Döne,' and the fuzz-guitar heavy 'Koyverdin Gittin Beni'), but also tantalizes with moody, introspective musings in an Eastern vein ('Akyin Vari, Akyin,' 'Haberin Var Mi' and the sitar-laced 'Köroglu Daglary.' Booklet has notes about the Altin Microphon contests, lyrics, and photos." http://www.forcedexposure.com/artists/kizilok.fikret.html

01 - Leylim, Leylim (3:55)
02 - Koroglu Daglari (4:08)
03 - Anadoluyum (2:38)
04 - Gün Ola Devran Döne (2:58)
05 - Gozlerinden Bellidir (3:51)
06 - Akin Var, Akin (5:44)
07 - Soyle Sazim (2:37)
08 - Yagmur Olsam (2:26)
09 - Yumma Gozun Kor Gibi (2:52)
10 - Haberin Var Mi (4:31)
11 - Vurulmusum (3:11)
12 - Guzel Ne Guzel Olmussun (2:16)
13 - Haberin Var Mi (Enstrumantal) (4:48)

Haberin Var Mi ...
Gün Ola Devran Döne ...

Link for download "Fikret Kizilok - Gün Ola Devran Döne" in comments ...


isabelbc said...

Link: http://tinyurl.com/33g8q6

Jackson said...

Great album! Thank you. It's so hard to get great stuff like this where I live.

sturgut said...

From the country and city i live in..

Anonymous said...

here i am again. Now the search of this week are the album by the saxophonist john klemer blowin gold 1969. if you have these record i really apreciate like your last posts: atlantic ocean and Terje Jesper & Joachim.
since now thanks for all
Carlos Zalazar

Anonymous said...

sturgut (or other!) ..

i'm in turkey next month for a couple of weeks. what cities or areas would you recommend for having a strong arts/music culture?? i noticed gaziantep and mersin had interesting looking art and music festivals.

also any tips off for the period 13-23 oct, much appreciated.

i'm trying to pick up on current artists of interest too..


nahavanda said...

i am turkish, i may give some rough tips, but please make a narration before, what makes you interest pop,traditional folk,alternative,rock etc.. send an email to nahavanda@prognotfrog.com if you would like to

aram said...

Dead link.

isabelbc said...

new link http://lix.in/-a80717

Anonymous said...

New link, please!!

isabelbc said...

new link http://www.mediafire.com/?i25x6nd4991m8cx

Anonymous said...

new link please, it doesn't work.

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