Sunday, September 02, 2007

Spot "ST " {Switzerland} [1971] (Heavy Rock, Blues Rock)

Interesting how small countries can create great bands like Krokodil and Country Lane. This band sounds like a cross between Orangu-Tang and Deep Purple. Spot was an early seventies Swiss offering that showcases some fine heavy rock with a tinge of blues and some excellent guitar playing. Includes versions of Donovan's "Jersey Thursday" and a particularly manic "Sabre Dance". Classic rock. The best of blues rock in Deep Purple-Taste-Led Zeppelin style.The classic 4-piece outfit shows the english strength of heavy blues-rock in fusion with the psychedelic influences of other swiss bands like Krokodil or Country Lane.
Produced by Pacific Sound producer St. Sulke and originally released on swiss folk label Evasion.

Pavlo Pendaki (vocal,keyboards)
John Woolloff (lead guitar,vocals)
Andre Jungo (bass)
Philippe Dubugnon (drums )

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Love=Hell, Space=Acid said...

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ZaXXoN said...

I like this one a lot = Thank You Kindly. Not sure it's "Heavy" Rock. Certainly not your Sabbath stuff.

Listening to Portobello now and it's just a great rock track. Sorta Pink Fairies Rock. LOVE IT !

isabelbc said...
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isabelbc said...

Great album!!

Thank you!!


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Cheers a lot for this band!

Anonymous said...

Pavlo died few years ago, but I have no news of the others,,, somebody can tell me?...or help me find them? thx

Anonymous said...

The drummer is still alive...but he don't play anymore, we played together in the 90/s

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