Saturday, September 22, 2007

John Holm "Sordin" {Sweden} [1972] (FolkRock,Singer-Song ,Progressive)

This album is for me one of the top 3 albums from Sweden (the other 2 are Kebnekaise's first and Thommie Fransson's solo album, he did later played with John on his other 2 albums from the 70's). This man did 3 really good albums back in the 70's. And he was really near a big breakthrough with his second. He also did some albums in the 80's and 90's. John was a member of the progressive underground group "Underground Failure" that made a really rare album that sounds like Bob Dylan or Velvet Underground with some slight psych influence. But then in 1972 he released his first solo album and what an album great rock songs like "Svarte Kungen" and fragile songs like "Ett enskilt rum på Sabbatsberg". On this album you can found musicans like Kenny Håkansson from Kebnekasie on guitar Thomas Jutterström from Splash, Roffe Wickström the famoused blues guitar man and Ola Brunkert on drums. It wouldn't be an exaggeration claiming that the lineup on this record consisted of the swedish elite in progressive music at the time being. He got a very special voice that really makes the music sounds really personal. If you like swedish music and haven't heard this one get it now. Otherwise you cant say that you have heard SWEDEN!

Den öde stranden
Min skuld till dig
Om den blå himlen
Långt bort härifrån
Är det så det ska va
Får man leva för det
Svarte kungen
Ett enskilt rum på Sabbatsberg

Svarte Kungen (The black king) is a song about Jimi Hendrix if you wonder...

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I've been looking for ages for thr great Symphonic Slam album.
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