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Omega - "10000 Lépés" {Hungary} [1969] (Prog Psych/Space Rock) (@256)

The most successful Hungarian rock band in history, OMEGA is one of the rare bands to have been known outside in his country. The legend has it that as albums were released in other countries it became necessary to brake the language barrier. Their music is a combination of Eastern European prog with a bit of symphonic and a bit of psyche prog. The result is a dark orchestrated sound combined with extended improvisation. Their discography actually starts in the early 60's, and goes in till today in a more modern register. Several albums were released in Hungarian as well as English. I'd prefer the "accented" English version of the albums. The more so, the music remains the same...

1968 to 1975: OMEGA issued their first Hungarian "Trombitás Frédi és a Rettenetes Emberek" (1968) that became their first golden album. The band sealed their success with two subsequent LPS: "10 000 Lépés" and "Omega 3" / "Éjszakai Országút". Their first releases, such as "Omega 3" / "Éjszakai Országút", "Élö Omega" and "Omega 5" were basically pop rock some very good songs. "200 Years After The Last War" is a brilliant album, solid rock and roll with beautiful ballads.

1976 to 1981: From 1976 to 1981, they released four albums of Progressive Spacey Rock with great arrangements: echoes of PINK FLOYD and ELOY elements. "Time Robber" / "Idõrabló", their best work work, is the most commercial with various electronic "space sounds", though "Skrover" / "Csillagok Útján" is probably the most musically diverse. More albums in the similar style followed: "Gammapolis" / "Gammapolisz" and "Working" / "Az Arc".

1981 to today: Afterwards, the band kept the electronic and pop rock genre with bits of Progressive elements. However, the band's 1980s began to show the obvious signs of creative stagnation. Soon after it 13th album, OMEGA disbanded. After 7 years of long silence, the musicians went on to produce a new album in 1995, "Transcendent" / "Trans and Dance". This release is a good album with nice keyboards playing. Also check out their equally superb album .... their latest "Egy Eletre Szol" (1998). Well..., after nearly 40 years OMEGA is still together, they are LEGENDS !

Track Listings
01. Petróleum lámpa (Oil Lamp) (3:14)
02. Gyöngyhajú lány (Girl With Pearls In Her Hair) (5:49)
03. Tuzvihar (Stormy Fire) (3:09)
04. Udvari bolond kenyere (Court Jester's Bread) (3:32)
05. Kérgeskezq favágók (The Woodcutter With Rough Hands) (8:15)
06. Tékozló fiúk (Wasteful Boys) (4:34)
07. Tízezer lépés (10000 Steps) (6:13)
08. 1958-as boogie-woogie klubban (In The 1958 Boogie-Woogie-Club) (2:14)
09. Spanyolgitár legenda (Spain Guitar Legend) (3:24)
10. Félbeszakadt koncert (The Broken Off Concert) (4:00)

- Laszlo Benkö / keyboards, trumpet, backing vocals
- Jánós Kobor / lead vocals
- Jószef Laux / drums
- Tamas Mihály / bass
- György Molnár / guitar
- Gábor Presser / keyboards, backing vocals

05. Kérgeskezq favágók ...
07. Tízezer lépés ....

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Hi friends,
for the curious I'd like to add some information to the Hungarian/English topic.
The English records have been completely re-recorded in West-Germany, first at Dierks Studio, well known to all Krautrock fans, later at Europasound Studios, Offenbach. I have also one recorded in England. They released their songs first in Hungary, but the studio standards were not sufficient for the western market. As they toured Europe a lot, they took the chance to make a better recording of their more successful records in the West. If you get a chance to compare such 2 versions, don't hesitate.

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Thanks! This is good stuff!

Alexey said...

I was shoked when listened this album for the first time. I love it very very much. Althought I have it, thank you anyway!

fabijoe said...

10000 Lépés is a real classics from Omega, some of us this is The real Omega sound. Also music have the style of the early beat, and Omega has so many great style changes in it's long history from the early early synthetizer magic on their 5th through Uriah Heep-like sound on 6th and forward the Pink Floydish space sound on their more late LPs, but old folks, like me :( , I think, consider the real Omega sound to be you can heard on this LP.

jd said...

I've tried to download this one four times now and never get more than about half of it. Is it just me, or is there something wrong with the file? Rapidshare is the only service I can get to.

Alex B said...

Great stuff. Various rhythms, tracks full of emotion. And it remembers early Hawkwind. Real proto-prog!

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I look forward to listening to

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