Sunday, September 09, 2007

Pogonophobia "Contra Trast" {Sweden} [2007] (Psychadelic, Space)

Well would can I say they have done it again! This one is more heavy and not so ambient, a perfect mix of space and heavy guitar work and dreamy long synthesizer loop like Tangerine Dream once did it. You will even found some influnces of indian music the improvisation its great specielly on track noumber 2. And I have to say that it sounds like early Ash Ra Tempel at their best moments with dreamy long tracks but the difference is that Pogonophobia its more heavy. So if you like their first one get this one now!
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track 2

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Best wishes from Sweden


Love=Hell, Space=Acid said...

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Anonymous said...

Many thanks,very talented group, I like previous post and hope this is another great album!

Anonymous said...

WOW !!!
Great post. Previous album is very-very good ! This one too.


Anonymous said...

This is really great, I wish more stuff like this was recorded and distributed. There is signs of this happening like Sunburned Hand of the Man and groups like that.

Alexey said...

Very interesting music. It's relatively simple, but attractive. Thank you!

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