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Some of my requests & Some albums

Hello friends, In this post i sent some of my wishlist and albums that may be hard to find. Well during 4 years i dive deep to east european & asian psych/progressive bands/artists. Maybe one of the best source at internet are the vinyl shop listings to learn names of different albums/bands, and i am collecting samples/artcovers from these shops for many years. I had an earthquake a few years before on my economy, and i left buying LPs. Umm psychologists say collecting is a kind of obsessive compulsive illness, but some harmless obsessions add taste to this life :) moreover, as much as we Listen the albums instead of Having them, maybe we are doing great to open our mind & heart to life.

Well for some of the albums, even i wanted to listen them, i had no luck to find them. and the prices are high for me to buy. i am posting coverarts,sample songs and album names of the bands, If you have any of them, sending the links to comments or email will make me happy thanks :)

Bayan Mongol Variety Group/Self-titled (Mongolia) (1981)

I saw this post at one of my fav site waxidermy. Sample song is really nice. Something like where mongolian folk meets with rock.
I listened the later album of this band. In their late albums, you may notice its a blend of Khoomei with some traditional instruments. My personal opinion for their late albums: i think you may try other folk albums from the mongolian scene first. What makes this album special for me is maybe its the first attempt that mongolian folk meets with rock. and the sample song is really promising. I saw a site is selling cassette of this album as cheap as 10dollar, however site requests my credit card number without any verification model. So i fear to buy the album directly from there. Please pass me the link in comments or email, if you have this album.
Bayan Mongol - Sample Song..

Dos-Mukasan - Self titled (Kazakhstan) (19XX)

They were called the kazakh beats in time, in a near time group come together after many years later. Well its common thing a group starts with rock, and after being popular, producing more popular works. As far as i know, still a popular band in kazakhstan, however this lp is one of the rarity across Russia Federation, and it goes well with reasonable prices in ebay time to time. I found 2 sample songs from the album. Female voice and the performance is really nice. Pity couldnt find, to listen whole album.

Dos-Mukasan - Sample Song1..
Dos-Mukasan - Sample Song2..

Kola Beldy - Unknown Album (Russia) (196X)

I have 2 albums from Kola Beldy, the rythms and singing style i like a lot. Thanks to Lisa, she found one of Kola Beldy albums for me some months ago. Didnt check the link but i guess it should still work. Well unfortunately i dont know the album name, the sample song i have, not in that 2 albums that i already have. Well there is a story behind, here is some copy paste: Kola Beldy, the first professional folk song singer of the North nations, was Nanai. The history of this people was dramatic and full of secrets. Archaeologists would have to answer many questions about history of Gold empire and Bohai kingdom in the Far East, where Nanai ancestors Jurchin lived. They made metals and cultivated and soil, they were travellers, sellers and soldiers, had schools and towns. Academician A.Okladnikov, the historian and archaeologist expressed a high opinion of culture of the native nations and compared it with ancient Greek and Roman culture. About 780 yers ago Mongolian soldiers destroyed Jurchin state in older to begin war against Russia. Those who stayed alive, hid near rivers and lakes, in taiga and mountains of the Far East. They called themselves Nanai, Udeghei, Orochi... But traditional songs, legends and musical..more here

if you have the album that songs belong to, please send to me.

Kola Beldy - LP sample..

Orlan - Orlan Ensemble (Russia) (1989) (Bashkir folk jazz)

Jazz band "Orlan" founded by Oleg in 1985 became noticeable phenomenon of Russian jazz scene. Having been fascinated by Bashkir folklore he was the first in Russia who started to practice ethno-approach in jazz. In close relations with folk singers he mastered guttural singing technique, introduced such folk instruments as "kurai" (Bashkir wind instrument) and "kubyz" (Jew's-harp) into his band, went into folk music arrangements and adaptation. In 1989 record company "Melodia" issued "Bashkir legends" LP. "Orlan" had been touring actively all around the country and abroad. World music movement was spreading widely around the globe therefore "Orlan" was accepted with enthusiasm everywhere. for more samples & information you may have a look to offical site.

Orlan - Bashkir Country Blues..

Those were my requests, Now its time to share some albums. Well i know the albums below, i cant say they are great for everybody. Some will enjoy them more and for some, they are just ok albums., maybe these are the one for passionete hearts, anyway i like them as much as all the posts here.

Gunesh - (first album) (Turkmenistan) (19XX)

Lets start with Gunesh from Turkmenistan. They blend some folk with a nice way of fusion. I wondered this vinyl in time a lot. Well this is split with Abba, so there is only 4 songs in the album, and opposingly to their late albums this is psych folk/beat album. If you never listened gunesh before, downloading that album may make you think they are a psych folk band. well they are not. Gunesh is my one of favorite band from Asia. For the guyz who wonder their first album, its here now :)

Gunesh - Devushka..
Gunesh - Devushka 2..

TRT Ara Müzikleri Volume 1 & 2 (Turkey) (1970s)

...They released 2 volumes of very enjoyable and highly pleasant "easy listening" Turkish music (a bit more at vol 1, as Turkish folk with orchestrations) with a few times odd combinations of styles and some nice and great a-go-go (a bit more at vol 2), and folk crossover styles, including some more light Anatolian crossover Poprock. It's not completely progressive music except for some tracks on vol 2 (like a fantastic Okay Temiz track, but with also additions by Cahit Oben, Zafer Dilek, Timur Selcuk, Onder Bali.), making it's surely interesting to trace... more info here

Timur Selçuk - Panayır Günü..
(şeker bi gıcıklığı, yada gıcık eden bi şekerliği var bu parçanın ;) )

Charivni Gitary - Self titled (Russia) (196X) (EP)

Correct me if i am wrong, This is one of their very first albums. If you never listened Charivni Gitary before i can say the mood in the albums funky prog, enjoyable smooth solos & vocals. I couldnt find a good information. So any information welcome.

Charivni Gitary - Dobry Dodzdik..

Yiannis Dimitras and Maria Katira - Erana (Greece) (197X)

First time i saw this album, one of Pokora's collector dream series (i dont remember which one). This is a super high price vinyl, and maybe thats why we couldn't see this album here and there when we searched for it. Unfortunately i have no information for the band. Some nice folk with traditional elements waits you in the album. Duets and the voices i like. Any information very welcome.

Gemise O Ypnos Moy Poylia..

Farkasok - Rock-Fantázia (Hungary) (1983) (electro symph prog)

New hungarian scene has some awesome artists/bands that enjoy. Some of them Townscream, Cathapilla Project, Korai Örom, Masfel...Back to 70s we have also many colorful bands from the scene, and one of them is Farkasok. Farkasok is a musical performed in theaters and recorded live, has some zeuhlish elements, a good mixture of electronics & prog..Any informations welcome. One of my fav.

Farkasok - Marakodás..

Emil Dimitrov - Emil (Bulgaria) (1974)

Another nice scene especially for the power of women choirs (sharing success with Poland for powerful women choirs) and the use of percussions. i like new age prog bands like Om art ensemble, Ishia from new scene. From wiki; "Emil Dimitrov was a popular Bulgarian singer. He made his debut in 1960 and recorded about 30 albums altogether. In the 60s Lili Ivanova and Emil Dimitrov were the most popular singers of modern songs. During the last years of his life he exhibited a talent for drawing as well." Emil Dimitrovs fist albums has some nice prog psych touches, Easy going smooth songs with some good light psych mood.
Emil Dimitrov..

it becomes a big post, thanks to my friends J.Flower,Opa-Loka,Tahotahir to make some of the vinyls available for us. We begin from Mongolia, Let's put an end at Tuva with one song of Gen-Dos

prog khoomei ? :)

GenDos - Shizo..


nahavanda said...

Gunesh - (first album) (Turkmenistan) (19XX)

TRT Ara Müzikleri Volume 1 & 2 (Turkey) (1970s)

Charivni Gitary - Self titled (Russia) (196X) (EP)

Yiannis Dimitras and Maria Katira - Erana (Greece) (197X)

Farkasok - Rock-Fantázia (Hungary) (1983) (electro symph prog)

Emil Dimitrov
*i will upload tomorrow

well enjoy!

Anonymous said...

usted ofrece mucha mierda en su blog

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the unusual music today! There seems to be a problem with the link for Charivni Gitary, which downloads part2 of an episode of the TV show CSI. :)


Oleg said...

Gunesh includes just 4 songs- a little bit over 10 minutes overall. I don't believe it's the way this album should be.
For Charivni Gitary there's some part 2 of multipartial file Miami something.
Could you please check them again and repost if that possible.

Thanx anyway. Great blog.

nahavanda said...

sorry guyz charivni gitary is here:

well i messed up when i upload and convert many links to same time.

yes there is only 4 songs at Gunesh :)
because its a split vinyl..One face of the vinyl is swedish group ABBA the other face is Gunesh..i put the covers inside, unfortunately i cant speak Russian..Please take a look the cover, everything writes there.

nahavanda said...

Emil Dimitrov - Emil (Bulgaria) (1974)

Mário said...

Muito Bom esses albuns

um som psicodélico e ao mesmo tempo métrico e quadradão

Anonymous said...

You have a really tough wish list!
I've looked around but no luck.

Anonymous said...

Great posts. That's why I love your blog.

Please keep up the good work...

You always bring the good stuff.


Knife in the Toaster said...

Thanks so much for this stuff. Can't wait for the Emil link. I'm listening to the Gunesh stuff now: the vocals are so amazing!

Anonymous said...

Gretings from Turkey, thank you very much for the rare and great songs :)


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bobtheorange said...

Gunesh link is down, could you reupload?

isabelbc said...

Gunesh - new link -

aram said...

All links are dead except Isabel's Gunesh.

Anonymous said...

Gunesh link is down, could you reupload?

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