Sunday, December 31, 2006

Bo Hansson "Magician's Hat" {Sweden} [1973] (Progressive Rock)

This is the 2004 Remastered version with an extended copy of track 1 "Big City".

Bo Hansson will doubtless be known to all. He is a master musician and this (although not so popular as his Lord Of The Rings release) is a masterpiece of Intrumental Prog Rock.

Originally titled "Ur Trollkarlens Hatt" there are a few tracks I can listen to over and over ("Big City", "Divided Reality" and "The Sun (Parallel Or 90°)" for sure, but there are more delights on here than those three.

Perhaps a bit more jazz orientated than his first release.

Kenny Håkansson - Guitar
Gunnar Bergsten - Saxophone, Flute
Sten Bergman - Flute
Bo Hansson - Hammond Organ, Guitar, Synthesizer, Slide Bass
Bobo Stenson - Electric Piano (10)
Owe Gustavsson - Bass (10)
Rune Carlsson - Drums, Congas, Cowbell
Pelle Ekman - Drums (10)

01 - Big City (Extended) (Hansson/Bergsten)
02 - Divided Reality (Hansson)
03 - Elidor (Hansson)
04 - Before The Rain (Hansson)
05 - Fylke (Hansson)
06 - Playing Downhill Into The Downs (Hansson)
07 - Findhorn's Song (Hansson)
08 - Awakening (Hansson)
09 - Wandering Song (Hansson)
10 - The Sun (Parallel Or 90°) (Hansson/Håkansson)
11 - Excursion With Complications (Hansson)


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Anonymous said...

Many thanks, it's a very beautiful album, excellent arrangements.If you have "Lord of the rings", I'll be grateful

ZaXXoN said...

Actually - this post was a mistake. I saw a request in the 'forum'. I think you will lik ethe forum. I do have Lord Of The Rings but it was not on my posting list since I saw it in the forum.
Also I have Music (Inspired By) Watership Down and Attic Thoughts.

Happy New Year :~)

Mister Niles said...

Thanks! Wonderful post. Would love to hear Watership Down. Is it as good as his others?

Anonymous said...

i'm searching some turkish delights like cem karaca, mogollar and erkin koray and i'd seen cem karaca's LP in your posts, but it doesn't work or its dead. is it possible to reupload or something?

anyway, i will looking forward your shares to find some more great stuff. thanx a lot to share them.

happy new year!

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Hi, I want to say a big THANK YOU for your generosity in making this fine site-this fine work-available to those of us who use it. I am very thankful and appreciate your time and efforts in maintaining it.
warm regards

Joe Berlin

Anonymous said...

Compared to Lord of the Rings, this album is a draft. A colection of improvisations and repetitions. Plesant, of course, but only this.

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Need password?

Anonymous said...

magicians hat : bo hannson
is it possible to repost this?
i would love to hear this again

Anonymous said...

Hello ZaXXoN

Although very late, I would like to ask you to post "watership down". I am looking everywhere for it and can not find.


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link work????
please mediafire or rapidshare
i love prognotfrog
best regards from argentina

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