Monday, August 27, 2007

Ota Petrina - "Super-Robot" {Checoslovaquia} [1978] (Acid Prog Rock) (@192)

The album contained deeply mournful, slow tracks. Two of these exceeded 10 minutes and were augmented by a string quartet. Petrina also used bottleneck guitar reminiscent of David Gilmour on Obscured by the clouds. This album is very impressive.

More info:

01. Já nejsem já (10:42 / Petrina, text: Rytír)
02. Cas neodeslaných dopisu (4:41 / Petrina, text: Rytír)
03. Nebýt tebe (5:42 / Petrina, text: Rytír)
04. Tak zazpívej jí blues (3:44 / Petrina, text: Rytír)
05. Podivín (1:54 / Petrina, text: Rytír)
06. Computer III. generace (4:50 / Petrina, text: Rytír)
07. Super-robot (11:34 / Petrina, text: Rytír)
. Bonus
08. Karin (5:08 / Petrina, text: Prostejovský)
09. Vnitrní svet tvých jantarových ocí (4:31 / Petrina, text: Petrina)

- Ota Petrina - zpev, kytary, flétna, harmonika
- Vladimír Padrunek - baskytara
- Jan Neckár j.h. - piano, syntezátor (1-7)
- Anatoli Kohout - bicí

04. Tak zazpívej jí blues ...
07. Super-robot .....

Thanks to avantguard for the info & rip :o)

Link for download "Ota Petrina - 1978 - Super-Robot" in comments ...


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Thanks! The band name itself is reason enough to download this album, brilliant!

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Love to have my link on your site I have a link to yours there. Thanks in advance and here's the url

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Hi, could you repost Bobby Beausoleil's Lucifer Rising. That Badongo link just isn't working for me. I had to rename the files then got errors and I think some of it was missing unless the original LP was seven minutes long!
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Thanks for the album, it's quite a good listen.

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