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Marguerite (Patrick Lemaitre) - Mr. Ford {France}[1973, CBS]

Artist: Marguerite (Patrick Lemaitre)
Album: Mr. Ford
Year: 1973
Label: CBS
Style: Progressive Rock
Genre: Prog-Psych-Folk
Format: 320mp3 + 3% Recovery
Size: 80MB
Lineage: VINYL Rip 16bit 44.1khz

Source: Album Collection

Relatively unknown band/project fronted by Patrick Lemaitre who worked with french psych Gerard Palaprat. Recently rediscovered french progressive/late psych pop gem! Sounds like another great French band IRIS. Good organ/guitar work,some little studio effects. A good addition to any Euro Psych/Prog collection.
Studio album released in 1973

Track Listing

01. Monsieur Ford
02. Etrange Animal En Cavale
03. On Est Un Fleuve
04. La Bataille D'Eldorado
05. Un Bon Caractere Ca N'A Pas De Prix
06. Ailleurs
07. L'Annonciation
08. Parabole
09. Moi Le Jour
10. Sur La Grande Roue
11. Monsieur Ford
12. Epilogue (A Moins Que Je Ne Recommence)

Line Up/Musicians

Patrick Lemaitre - Guitar, Vocals
Georges Varenne - Clarinet, Organ, Vocals
Michel Mouffron - Piano, Organ, Vocals
Alfredo Sarto - Bass, Vocals
Jean Altana - Drums, Vocals

Special thanks to Master Olaf_alien for his help and patience with the restoration work

Hope you enjoy it!


Pollux said...

320 mp3

apps79 said...

Nice stuff,thanks for sharing!!!

fenyxx said...

Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

After remembering the cover, I went to check my father collection. He's got that one, plus another one : "Tout vient à qui cherche l'étoile". Thanks anyway !

DanP said...

cool, thanks! I like the cover art

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Many thanks, another rarity

proggy said...

magnificent as usual..... love your work PNF

aceha1 said...

Oh MAN this blog is great! I didn't really know much about prog except for the big players, Kansas, EMP, RUSH etc.. you have opened my eyes to a whole new world and for that, sir, you have my gratitude!!

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