Friday, April 27, 2012

astrë "foresight" (1981,USA,sympho,ELP type)

astrë "foresight" (1981,USA,sympho,,ELP type)

astrë is a trio  with ELP influences. from Oklahoma,USA.

This album is famous for the poor sound quality recording although the tracks are brilliant ones.
I tried to improve them in order to enjoy their excellent tracks than  before.

Ripped from the LP

    Recorded at Star Track Studios on August 24,1981
    except "lar-asia" recorded live  on October 6,1981 
    Bill Tankersley .....b,bass pedals,key,vo
    Mark Loveless .....key,g
    Les Mobley .....kit,talking
    Side 1
  1. Hole in the Sky pt1....6:20
  2. Through the Looking Glass.......6:08
  3. Lar-Asia .....6.37 (live recording)
  4. Before the Gods ......6:42
    Side 2
  1. The Doorway.....9:33
  2. World Class.......13:40
    1. Nadia
    2. Free and expressive Beauty
    3. Competition
    4. The Waiting
    5. The Glory  

    track 1


Mit said...

WAV(lossless)....install JetAudio and burn it into CD-R (for data)


Unknown said...

Interesting, very interesting!

Thanks Shige - once again!

Tristan Stefan said...

great job on the restoration work, and what an interesting cover, I had never seen it before (had an mp3 copy without scans)

Buddhabreath said...

Thanks Shige! Very much appreciated.

uros said...

This is a very good band. It is obvious that music has influences from Genesis, E.L.&P and also King Crimson, but they are doin'it in their special way.
Shige, thanks a lot for introducing this unknown band to us.

ghulam sarwar said...

thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

exelent!! i love this band. thanx!!!

Anonymous said...

An excellent piece of work; both the music and the restoration!

Mark Loveless said...

Thanks for doing this, I do not even own a turntable otherwise I'd do it. I've put them up on soundcloud for streaming, just search for Astre Foresight and you should find them.

isabelbc said... :o)

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