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Expresso - First Cup (USA, 1981, Jazz-Rock/Fusion)

Expresso - First Cup (USA, 1981, Jazz-Rock/Fusion)

This obscure private-press LP was the sole release by this California fusion group. There's a distinct Dixie Dregs influence at work here, and some Al Di Meola too. However, this is generally lighter and more relaxed sounding than those comparisons would imply. Nothing mind-blowing to be sure, but excellent guitar playing (the band was led by two guitarists) and some good melodic compositions make this an enjoyable listen. (This review was written by my friend "F".Thanks to him !)
BTW,this record is hard to arrange to listen to.,because your cartridge is easy to pop and skip again and again if you miss the control of the weight of your cartridge with the turntable .

Side 1
1. Vegetable Death (3:29)
2. Telluride Falls (5:02)
3. Moody Shoes (4:49)
4. Skid Row (4:50)
5. First Step (4:25)

Side 2
1. Ice Cuba (4:35)
2. Under The Wing (1:39)
3. Line 'Em Up (3:52)
4. Dear Mr.Food (3:19) ....trad.
5. First Rain (6:30)

Kurt Kieffer ....lead guitar
Rick Sigman
Phil (L.G.)Chidester ...key
Dennis Harper ...b
Casey Smiley ....ds & per

(additinal musicians)
Michael Horne ...per
Mark Ford ....harmonica

Recorded at the Music Annex , Menlo Park ,CA ,Oct & Nov ,1981



Mit said...

ripped from the LP

WAV (install Jetaudio and burn it into CD-R)


uros said...

Hello shige. First, big thanks for all beautiful and rare music that you are bringing to us. Second, can you be so kind, and upload on some other filehosting not rapidshare, if posssible. I know, and I am aware of that this is absolutely in your jurisdiction and that you have your own rights upon that, but, here at my place in Ljubljana, rapidshare is working very slow, and when my two sons are downloading also from rapidshare, then it is impossible download your beautiful stuff. For buying rapid premium accounts or even higher, I really don't have enough money in this recession times, so, please consider about that. Thanks in advance!

Mit said...

which filehosting do you want ? ^^)

uros said...

Thanks for such a quick response! If it's posssible, would be very good one.
And, thanks again, for all your big work here!

Laci said...

Nice. Should be compared to all this West Coast stuff: Larry Carlton, Lee Ritenour...

uros said...

Hello, shige! Thanks for such a quick response. If possible, or, would be very good.
And thank you for all!

Unknown said...

I was priviliged by Shige to hear this gem a week before and totally fell in love with this. Thank You very much Shige to share this absolute gem with among all PNF friends.

About filehosting: Rapidshare is reliable but for free user very very slow - one album could take an hour or more to download. (well my late grannie used say: 'Harri all You have is the time' which I totally do agree)

There are many quick and free filehosting services such as Jumbofiles, FileJumbo, Netkups!(which I certainly do recommend).

Tristan Stefan said...

I use jumbo now because it emails me the finished upload, so I can do it while I'm at work (maybe the other sites did too but I didn't master them), it allows me like mediafire to see number of times a file is downloaded. So to echo nahavanda's comment, I see Bipsautru (combined mp3 and waves) has been downloaded now more than 500 times though there are only 6 comments-- I guess 494 people hated it!

Tristan Stefan said...

actually, 496 people I should say, since two of the bipsautru comments were from me!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It's hard to comment an lp before you'll fully listened; that can take some time...

snakeboy said...

I like the Dixie Dregs so this should be quite good. Thanks.

Matt Miller said...

Thanks so much for this upload. The sample reminds me of a combination of Sea Level and Special EFX. Sounds great.

I have to agree with the comment about Rapidshare. It looks like all 4 parts will take about 4 hours the way they throttle free users.

Mit said...


This is from JumboFiles.
Did you DL comfortably ?
I hope you could...



fusionfan said...

thanks for all of these albums, shige, tristin, naha, thanks for everything

uros said...

Shige, big thanks for jumbofile links. Very good!

Crazy B said...

that was so damn hot!!! super thanks master.

Mit said...

Hi,Crazy B.
You are still very young.
Keep the fire of prog rock burning all over the world ^^)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Shige
Very good album ! This one brings me back to the years near 1980 when I was very fond of Fusion of this type.
Back then, I had actually a few vinyls of Japanese players/bands but I could not manage to remember their names.
Some of them sounded really good ! I like this band from west coast, Thanks for bringing it here !

Calisan said...

Very exciting! wondeful fusion rhythm!
this surprised me
Thanks shige

Unknown said...

Hi tristan, again a great post on your blog!, thanks shige for another great job!

MaTiMuS said...

This sounds wonderful! Any chance to upload this again? All of the links seem to be down.

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