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Noctett - Contrasts (Germany 1979)

Now the first album from this nonet of fantastic German jazz musicians, mostly compositions by the trumpeter Peter Herborn save the first track by the keyboardist, there is a lot of big-band jazz sound going on here, and still quite a bit of classical influence. It's a little less rock in comparison to Dauner's Jazz and Rock Ensemble but to me the overall sound is very similar, and the charts are very very strong. There is nothing 'standard,' to use the american word, in the songs. It's too bad there isn't more piano action here from Hufschmidt. Check out the wonderful hair (head and facial) styles of the musicians on the back.

Long live European Jazz and Fusion (and synonymously, jazz-rock, because of course, fusion and jazz-rock mean exactly the same)!

-Peter Herborn (trombone)
-Thomas Dörr (alto saxophone)
-Remy Filipovitch (saxophone, flute)
-Bernd Krämer (trumpet)
-Raimund Hüttner (trumpet)
-Thomas Ophelders (trumpet)
-Thomas Hufschmidt (piano)
-Martin Engelien (bass)
-Peter Walter (vibraphone, drums)

A1 Springtime 7:10
A2 Polly's Phone 9:14
B1 To Go Is to Think - To Sing Is to Go 4:48
B2 Thoughts to Anthony B. 7:59
B3 ...And Neverthless: Adriana! 9:04

The sample below is the most composed and proggy track, the last one with the very odd title, as in the Full Score album (which came next year) they saved the best for last...


Tristan Stefan said...


Oracus said...

Thanks a lot!


Unknown said...

Thanks TS, it's easy to count on You! =))

beaug said...

This album had been on my wishlist for a while now. It did NOT disapoint this is my kind of Jazz (Springtime) became one of my favorite Jazz songs after only a few listens. Very nice and very damm rare. Thank You

Chip Hooper said...

Very nice. Thank you for posting.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Tristan
I really like the two Noctett albums you introduced. Not only the solo performance and compositions are outstanding, I found the chemistry among the nonet musicians works so well that these two albums grow so strongly on me. These nonet musicians play on such a high level that the development of full appreciation requires several listens. Quick glance of their works would just give a layman's appraisal, it's unfortunate that they seemed being overlooked by some mates. Thank you so much !

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this excellent album.
Today I heard both albums (this one and Full Score).
For me Contrasts is much better than Full Score.


Something for you.
I don't know if you have heard this album.
Just try !!!

Dionisis Savvopoulos - Vromiko Psomi (Dirty Bread) 1972

Mit said...

>>>Dionisis Savvopoulos - Vromiko Psomi (Dirty Bread) 1972

Thank you very much for showing nice album.
I love it !!!
DL link is here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tristan for all the gems published here.

But now Filejumbo says: service unavalaible.


BuddahKriss said...

@Tristan: Thx a lot, but Links are deads....

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oh boy. that's gonna be a lot of work... first megaupload, then mediafire, now this filejumbo-- well I'll wait another day before the DNR order

Tristan Stefan said...

links are working again guys, at least for some time, hurry up!

BuddahKriss said...

@Tristan: THX!!!!!! ^^ great album!!

Anonymous said...

great music

Tristan Stefan said...

people seemed to really like this album, wow

PHSStudiosRJ said...

Hi Tristan

I've been away for a while due health

It turns out that I'm trying to download this album and only me the message:
""Service Unavailable""


could post it again please??

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It worked!


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boogieman said...

I don't know how this one escaped my radar. Thanks a million, absolutely superb album (esp. Polly's Phone and ...And Nevertheless Adrianna) but definitely into jazz territory.
I'd love to hear their other albums.
Cheers from the boogieman

Tristan Stefan said...
REUP Sept. 23, 2013

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