Friday, April 20, 2012

Kreuzweg (Germany ,1983 ,symphonic rock)

Kreuzweg (Germany ,1983 ,symphonic rock)

This very famous but obscure private Xian's conceptual prog album is one of the best German  symphonic rock.
Highly recommended to those who love  Novalis, Grobschnitt,
and Anyone's Daughter . You will be able to wander into German mystic forests.....

If you hope to watch the pictures of the album carefully ,click it.
I tried to show the original color of my LP using software "Picasa3".
The left peaceful one is the front cover.
The right apocalyptic one is the back cover.

Seite A
1. Menschenkind  ...4:30
2. Die Zeit ....4:35
3. Zeichen der Zeit .....8:43

Seite B
1. Schuttle den staub ....9:44
2. Wirst du geh'n ....5:26
3. Passion .....6:50

Markus Greibler ...lead voc
Joachim Haas ....g,vo
Alfred Kirst ....ds
Daniel Pahls ...key
Ellen Muller ...key,vo
Roger Muller ...b

Mario Schaub ....sax,flute,oboe
Jorg Botticher ....key



Mit said...

WAV....jetAudio and burn this file into CD-R (for data)


Anonymous said...

Jet-Audio : Usine à gaz de la lecture audio et vidéo - Logiciel Windows.

Tristan Stefan said...

I love this late german symphonic rock style... thanks for this shige.
Netkups real fast, too!

Calisan said...

This is rare! maybe this not really good but still worth it. No doubt
and Thanks for your hard work!

Pollux said...

Thank you very much Shige I will give it a try :)

uros said...

Me, too! Thanks a lot shige!

Anonymous said...

Ty very much!!

Sergey said...

thanks a lot!

Unknown said...

I love this band, but files were deleted because of inactivity. Is there any way to get it?

Thx a lot


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