Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Ophiucus - Salade Chinoise (Barclay 1973)

On this second album Ophiucus offers once again a mix of delicate finely crafted songs ranging from psy-folk-rock to soft pop. While appealing to a maybe more mainstream audience it might not be as strong as their first album but is definitely worth listening to. It will also grow on you.

Artist: Ophiucus
Album: Salade Chinoise
Year: 1973
Label: Barclay
Style: Progressive Rock
Genre: Folk-Psych-Prog
Format: 320mp3 + 3% Recovery
Size: 82.3MB
Lineage: VINYL Rip 16bit 44.1khz

Source: Album Collection

Studio Album Released in 1973

Track Listing

A1 Oh Ma Douee
A2 J'Oublie
A3 Canadian Bar
A4 Cacaoutchouc
A5 L'Instant D'Une Nuit
A6 Dans Toute La France
B1 Bonte Divine
B2 Je Joue Toujours De L'Harmonica
B3 Cette Chanson Vient D'Autrefois
B4 Recreation No1
B5 Quand On A Besoin De Rever
B6 A La Claire Fontaine

Line Up/Musicians

Percussion, Flute, Harmonica – Bernard Labacci
Piano, Strings, Brass – Michel Bernholc
Synthesizer – Roger Loubet
Vocals, Bass, Guitar – Jean-Pierre Pouret
Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Flute, Percussion – Michel Bonnecarrère
Vocals, Guitar – Alain Labacci

B4 Recreation No1


Pollux said...


Unknown said...

Thanks for the album but the Rapidshare link and download stops at the 9th track, sad thing. Tried several times!?

Anonymous said...

do you have david explosion - a bright to-morrow?

afe said...

Interesting album, thanks a lot!

Pollux said...

If you have troubles with RS you can try this link


Anonymous said...

This is excellent music, could you please re post the first lp from 1972 - thank you.

Unknown said...

Thanks Pollux for the other link, worked fine.
Nice stuff all together, cheers for it!

Mit said...

Thank you very much for sharing this rare album.
Excellent,intelligent and beautiful prog.
I love it !

Tristan Stefan said...

and the cover is really fantastic, a boy playing wooden bowling -- you really do great work with the cover scans, I feel ashamed of my scans!

Anonymous said...

Never thought about the change of listening to this wishlist album! As excellent as my expectation !
Merci beaucoup, Pollux !

Starsailor said...

merci, merci!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you have the first LP from 1972 ? Possibly a link to it ?

Thank you !

Pollux said...

I do have the 1972 album as well but I believe it was posted here before. I can always re-up my rip if no-one beats me to it :)

Anonymous said...

Please do share the link as I cannot find a working link for the 72 lp. This group is good !

Anonymous said...

where is barclay???

Anonymous said...

Still listening to this fine group, thank you !!

Pollux said...

Thank you for oyur patience.

Here is a link for the 1972 album

Anonymous said...

Barcklay?? where??

Anonymous said...

Well done POLLUX !!! Excellent first lp by this group, I believe it to be better than the second - your thoughts ?

THANKS for this one !!!!!!!!!!!!

isabelbc said...

"Label: Barclay"

Anonymous said...

pleaseeeeeee can you reupload two albums!!!??? I've been looking for that a lot time!! thanksss

Anonymous said...

all links are dead, a real shame.
if by chance you can repost or send a mail.

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