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HASARD "Embarque si ca t'tente " (Canada,197?-198?) Jazz rock,Canterbury-vein

HASARD "Embarque si ca t'tente " (Canada,197?~198?) Jazz rock,Canterbury-vein

Still many unknown,obscure prog & jazz rock gems are waiting for us to dig it out in the world.
This Québec jazz rock band  from Canada is one of them.
This is not  instrumental album although it is the jazz rock .
Seven tracks among all the nine tracks are vocal tunes (in French) ,and the other two ones are instrumental(Tr 8 and Tr9).
Male vocal is elegant and intellectual...sometimes reminds me of  Richard Sinclair (ex-Caravan).
So,if you like early-Caravan ,such as "In the Land of..." ,you will surely like this one.

I believe ....most of the tracks are brilliant ones.

1.Paysage Bleu (3:16)
2. En Colere (3:37)
3. "Embarque si ca t'tente  (4:15)
4. C'est Ouoi L'Amour (6:39)

1. Monsieur Tout Le Monde (4:45)
2. Un Enfant (3:45)
3. Ensemble (2:34)
4. R.S. (4:01)
5. Nuit D'Amour (4:13)

Pierre Vigeant ....Guitar
Gaetan Mongeau .....Vibraphone,key,vo,percussion
Guy Arcand ....bass ,percussion




Mit said...

Ripped from sealed mint LP

WAV (install Jetaudio and burn it into CD-R)


Unknown said...

Merci bien, Shige!

Tristan Stefan said...

I've never heard of it but it's really good, Shige-- what a find!

K.L.I.R. said...

Many thanks for this rare gem Master Shige.

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apps79 said...

Nice one Shige, every album containing the Canterbury-like description should be good.Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank You very much !!!

Anonymous said...

Canterbury Scene in French tone ! two of my favorite elements! Awesome !

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i just get that page known and i was impressed ??

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i just noticed that page and i was impressed all that news in there

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nice posting.. thanks for sharing..

Anonymous said...

after all these years...thanks for the positive comments ! (Guy Arcand)

Tristan Stefan said...

NEW RIP oct 3, 2013

Anonymous said...

Thank's for this gem of 1978 !

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