Wednesday, April 04, 2012

PRISMA (1980.,Light and soft symphonic rock,Netherlands )

PRISMA (1980.,Light and soft symphonic rock,Netherlands )


Recorded in October ,1980

side A
1. moving up fast (6:02)
2. eagle flies (4:12)
3. outing to spain (3:32)
4. masquerade (5:19)

side B
1. what made you change (6:47)
2. natassja (5:15)
3. chimera (4:09)
4. no time for tears (3:01)


Rob Van Der Sande....key,vo
Paul Bruinenberg....g
Carl Beukman....b
Robert Meyran....ds

additional musician
Huib Quitz....congas (A3 & B2)

track 1


Mit said...

ripped from the LP

WAV(lossless)...excellent sound.Install JETAUDIO and burn it into CD-R and listen !


Unknown said...

Really really nice soft prog, easy listening and smooth!

Arigato Shige-san

aceha1 said...

Man... I've just come to the end of a four-year long library music binge.. I think I've found my next obsession through your blog!! All of this is GREAT!! Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Mit said...

Thank you for the nice comment.
We are friends.
Helping each other is natural for friends,right ?

Tristan Stefan said...

yeah, I agree with Harri, this is really nice, I know it's a bit like pop new wave, but the songwriting is very very strong, and there are nice progressive touches throughout. Completely underrated album, should be better known without a doubt!

Pollux said...

Thank you very much I will give it a try

Anonymous said...

Thanks Shige さん
I imagine there were quite a few good soft prog work (like this one you introduced) around 1980.
It was a pitiful time that evolved new prog looks relatively weak and pop-oriented comparing to classic big-named 70s prog while new wave heat also killed the limited existent margin of some bad-luck meteoric artisits who played this type of style.
I like this one for their diversification in music elements, particularly the jazz fusion part, and the very nice melodic-prog pace.
Thanks for digging out good buried gems one after another for mates with congenial tastes.

Tristan Stefan said...

It reminds me a lot of the netherlandish old masters galaxy-lin with the overproduced sound, pop production, and strong songwriting as well as the style of singing, though they of course were years earlier.

Anonymous said...

this seems a great post Mr Shige!
can you upload again the rapid share wav links because deleted?
many thanks

Mit said...

Thank you for your comment.
My WAV files aren't deleted .
Try again.

Anonymous said...

The sides of this tracklist is vice versa. The right one is this:
A1 What Made You Change
A2 Natassja
A3 Chimera
A4 No Time For Tears
B1 Moving Up Fast
B2 Eagle Flies
B3 Outing To Spain
B4 Masquerade

Mit said...

I am very interested in your opinion.

>>>The sides of this tracklist is vice versa. The right one is this:

Really ?

I have the LP and wrote the tracklist from it.
and it is vice versa of yours.

Very strange ....
Do you have the LP ,too ?

Musicfreak said...

For some reason, Rapidshare won't allow me to download the wav.

Tristan Stefan said...
REUP of Prisma - Sept. 23, 2013
Fantastic record

bart bruinenberg said...

thank you all for these nice words,to bad holland wasn't ready for us.

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