Friday, April 20, 2012

Das Pferd (1987) (Deutschland)

This group (the horse) was a discovery from the mighty osurec and I want to give him credit for it. It reminds me a lot of US band The Inserts from the eighties with its sharp, angular and tritone-heavy dissonant and energetic style driven here by both guitars and knife-sharpened saxes. There are experimental tunes and a kind of industrial overall sound as if you were hearing the soundtrack to a huge factory cranking out creative musician robots out of leftover sheet metal and split riffs cut from dna polymerase reactions and amplified by marshall amps. I like that the production doesn't have the tinny early digital sound, the percussion is nice and tough and rough. The final track features a very slow free experimental jazz number with possibly only a dozen notes in total played by a grand piano and a breathy flute, I've included it as a sample below.

Tracks are composed by Kazda and Schmidtke.

Bass– Jan Kazda
Drums– Diethard Stein
Flute– Wolfgang Schmidtke
Guitar– Markus Wienstroer
Keyboards– Jan Kazda, Wolfgang Schmidtke
Saxophone– Wolfgang Schmidtke
Vocals– Jan Kazda, Wolfgang Schmidtke
Vocoder– Wolfgang Schmidtke


01 Dynamo Dresden

03 Sie Kommen

11. Komm


Tristan Stefan said...

das pferd 1

coming soon, pferd 2

lurkerwurker said...

I'm a long time fan and lurker here. I love prognotfrog. Once a week I come by here and learn more about progressive rock. I've been inside it for decades, but it is always wonderful to come here and learn more. Keep up the good work - you are making a difference.

Tristan Stefan said...

thanks a million lurkerwurker

Maitre D. Morgan said...

Vielen Dank Meine Freunden, Sehr Gut Musik... Sehr Gut. =)

PHSStudiosRJ said...
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Tristan Stefan said...
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Tristan Stefan said...

Links for filejumbo still up as of today April 30th, 1987

Anonymous said...

on the 5th of may, it seems that the service is again unavailable, thanks for tyhe other astonishing post by pferd.

Anonymous said...

try yesterday, the 4th of May 2056.

Tristan Stefan said...
try today, the 20th of may, 20,300

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