Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The 3rd And The Mortal - "In This Room" {Norway} [1997] (@192)

This Norwegian band has established themselves as one of the most convincing and creative within the atmospheric realm. Beautiful, tranquil and serene sounds can be heard on albums such as Tears Laid In Earth and Painting On Glass. However, In This Room is by far the group's most experimental and ambitious work. Waves of sonic bliss can still be heard, mostly in the album's highlight moments of "Harvest", "Sort Of Invisible" and the closing combo of "The Barge" and "Sleep". Yet there can also be found experiments into avant-garde art music.Ann-Mari Edvardsen sings hauntingly one moment and soothing the next, while the band goes from art/lounge rock to ambient soundscapes.

tracklist :
1. Stream (4:25)
2. Monody (3:47)
3. So pure (4:02)
4. The wooden lodge (2:37)
5. Sophisticated vampires (4:11)
6. Harvest (4:25)
7. Did you (4:48)
8. Myriad of peep-holes (4:49)
9. Sort of invisible (4:26)
10. A touch of... (4:53)
11. Hollow (5:16)
12. The barge (1:29)
13. Sleep (4:05)

Line-up :
- Rune Hoemsnes / drums, percussions, programming
- Bernt Rundberget / bass
- Ann-Mari Edvardsen / vocals, keyboards- Trond Engum / electric and acoustic guitars
- Geir Nilssen / electric and acoustic guitars, grand piano, keyboards
- Finn Olaf Holthe / guitar treatments, keyboards, tapes, loops

enjoy this album...

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