Friday, February 02, 2007

Gjallarhorn - Albums {Finland} (prog folk)

Gjallarhorn features world music that is firmly rooted in the Swedish folk music of Finland, as well as the Norwegian and the Swedish traditions. Its talented performers offer the listener a personal, punchy, and yet nuanced, sound-world which rings to the echoes of the ancient Scandinavian folk traditions.

Through their intense and witty interpretations, allied to an innovative combination of instruments, the group creates a fascinating landscape around their mythical medieval ballads, hymns and whirling minuets.

Gjallarhorn's dynamic and expressive arrangements of world music have brought the old Nordic tonalities to modern audiences within fields as diverse as jazz, rock and world music.

As one of the leading exports within the field of Nordic music, the group also frequently tours the international arena, appearing in leading world music festivals.

Gjallarhorn has been fêted in many countries. Honours received include the coveted French "LaMonde de la Musique CHOC" and "Trad Magazine Bravos!!!" awards.

thanks to Claude & Yann :)


nahavanda said...

Ranarop (1998):

Sjofn (2000)

Grimborg (2002)

mersenne_twister said...

yo thanks for this 2 albums, i've review and featured some tracks from their latest album here

Noisenik said...


biggg tnx for Gjallars. Maybe it wouldn't be bad to upload Ranarop to less constipated sharesite in a year or so. Gagasize yucks enormously.

Best! N.

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