Thursday, February 22, 2007

Agata Morio - "Chikuonban" {Japan} [1970] (acid folk)

At the beginning of the 21st century, Agata Morio was writing a song dedicated to Inagaki Taruho, a writer whom he considers his father. It was to be an answer song to the novel It all Begins with Beautiful and Wise Ladies written by Inagaki Taruho, whose romantic view of men and women can be seen in quotes such as "The future of Mankind depends on the wisdom of intelligent women" and "Morals for men, careful personal grooming for women". That is how, in the Spring of 2001, Agata Morio came up with the unusual song "Sato Keiko Sensei wa zankoku na hito desu kedo (My teacher, Miss Sato, is cruel, isn't she?)" read more here

Kamisama nante iru no kai..


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I like this singer ! It's very very melancolic and it seems singer is close to commit hara-kiri in each songs.
Very good reprise in japonese of Dylan in tack 8.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Japan.

MORIO AGATA is early '70 folk singer in Japan. He had a smash hit "SEKISHOKU-ELEGY" and he was famous its dark-world sound. But after that single hit, he have been so minor singer, and he is still singing in small bar in Tokyo.


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Link is dead... re-up please?

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