Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Iasis- "Amalgama" {Greece} [1998] (Ethno-Fusion)

Iasis is an ethno-fusion band from greece and this is their second attempt.This record is moving on the treditional music from Balcans mixed with jazz and fusion.

Iasis are : Kostas Baltazanis - guitars, Petros Kourtis - percussion with George Palamiotis on bass

Special Guests :

Binka Ivanova Koteterova - voice,Galina Krasteva Durmuchliyska - voice,Nina Bojanova Petrova - voice,David Lynch - sax,flute,Socratis Sinopoulos - lyre,Dimitris Tsopanelis - vocals,Andreas Pappas - percussion,Vangelis Karypis - percussion


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manelis said...

link for amalgma :

Ceno said...

Thanks a lot! I really love ethinical sounds, great post!
Cheers =]

Frederick said...

awesome sounds, thanks very much for this!

Anonymous said...

could you please reupload it?

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