Monday, February 26, 2007

Alice - "Arrêtez le Monde" {France} [1972] (Prog. Rock)

"Arrêtez le Monde" is the second album of the band. This album is, unhappily, extremely rare and not-republished... "All Ice" is in fact the english version of this second release. If you liked the first album, you'll like the second one. Shorter than the first one it's a nice album. Sound quality is amazingly good.

Paul Semana : guitars, vocals
Luc Bertin : piano, moog, melotron, vocals
Doudou Weiss (who played in Magma): drums, percussions, vocals
Ian Jelfs : guitars, vocals - Alain Suzan : bass, guitars, flute, vocals
moog's programmation : Dominique Blanc-Francard


01/ Introduction
02/ Salina
03/ Arrêtez le Monde (part I)
04/ Byzance
05/ Il est
06/ Arrêtez le Monde (part II)
07/ Ouverture
08/ Le Roseau
09/ Quelqu'un qui t'aime
10/ Franky l'oiseau
11/ Le cercle

Track 8 - Le roseau:


Lefouauflingue said...

Link to download:
Thanks to BwP for his help

jason said...

This is really great, thank you. Some melodies remind me of Canadian group Harmonium, while 'Byzance' recalls 'Black Sand' by Brainticket. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!

I already had their first album which i really liked. Keep up the good work and thanks again!

Kalle A.

quarkboy said...

I just discovered this blog recently, and I chose this album as my first. The sample clip is excellent, so I'm looking forward to it. Thanks for sharing.

raymond said...

wow! amazing! thanks A LOT for this one, keep up the good work guys, i really appreciate everything you've done. keep up the good fight!

Fabio BRASIL said...

Unfortunately this link doesn't work for me.The Rapidshare page is OK, but when I click "free" nothing happens.I tested other links and and it's allright.
Anyway, thanks.
Fabio Brasil

Lefouauflingue said...

Yes, I tried, the link doesn't work indeed.
The reason: "Too many users downloading right now. Please try again in two minutes"

I'll wait up until tomorrow, if the link still doesn't work, i'll re-upload it and post the link in new comment.

Edit: try again and again. I tried a second time and the link is now active.

Anonymous said...

There's no way to download it. I'm trying for many days and nothing...

Salty Dog said...

Hello Lefouauflingue,

Thanks for sharing this great music. I can't wait to hear te first album by Alice, I'll get this one soon.

Have a nice day, pal!

nahavanda said...

Hello, Both alice albums at blog works 100/100 ok..maybe the problem was about tiny can get them from here if you want:

Good Days

Georgi The Bulgarian said...

Again wonederful melodic progressive rock from France.
Thank you very much!

Max-o said...

They have a third album called "All Ice" from 1972. It's supposed to be an english version of this album but i can't find it anywhere - either to buy or download. I humbly request this album...been looking for it for such a long time now. (btw, "Alice" is in my top 3 favorite albums of all time!)
Here's the link for a little more info:

thanks again!

isabelbc said...

yes Max, we are looking for too... :o)

Anonymous said...


{~*88*~} said...

Yes, please re-up ! Thank you

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