Thursday, February 22, 2007

Kanguru - "Dreaming" {Australia} [70s] (indian fusion)

"Four mainly instrumental tracks are featured on this very rare Aussie album, the only known product from this band. From the artwork through to the music this looks and sounds like something produced by a bunch of hippies who worship an Indian guru, and it well might be. However on colder inspection it is possible that this was produced by a group of guys who made it with their tongues firmly implanted in their cheeks. Firstly it is released on Larrikin records, a small Aussie label better known for Aussie blues and country bush bands. Secondly, the band’s names are not typical of guru converts; Paul Gibson alias Sri Wombat and Guy Madigan alias Koalananda certainly don’t sound very South Asian to me. Thirdly it is reported to have been released in 1980, although sounding like it was recorded in the late 60 or early 70s. Fourthly, it seems more than a coincidence that Guru Guru released an album called Kanguru years earlier (also four long tracks). As we say in Australia, I think these guys are ‘taking the piss’.

Irrespective of how genuine the band actually are, this album is part meditative, part ambient and heavily Indian influenced. All in all an Aussie oddity. Full artwork included."

(After uploaded the album, i take a look for a review, and i noticed this album previously sent to MIdastouch-Aussie60-70s blog, so take this beautiful album as a re-up :) )

Invitation to dance..


nahavanda said...


manelis said...

great post nahavanda,beautifull album

Dani said...

Amazing, amazing record... thank you so much for posting this :D

Anonymous said...

I was lucky enough to pick up a stack of copies of this Lp from a local record store which had no idea of its rarity.(watch out for them on ebay)
All members of the band still live in Northern New South Wales in Australia one of the main centers of hippy culture in Australia. They all still play music in various bands and are well respected local musos. It was recorded in the early to mid seventies

Andrea Scarsi said...

I love this album, and keep on listening to it, year after year.

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