Sunday, February 25, 2007

Atoll - "L'océan" {France} [1989] (French prog. rock)

Atoll is a part of big groups in the French progressive landscape of the years ' 80. Initially taken out in 1989, " L'océan " is a very beautiful album of progressive pop / rock which deserves that we lend it an ear.

Led by the excellent guitarist Christian Beya, Atoll proposes very beautiful melodies, a high stamp of voice perched, and very interesting compositions.

Titles such as L'Océan", "Quelque Part" or "Coup de Coeur", if they've a little aged about sounds, they remain not less very delicious in the listening there. We can also find of very beautiful instrumental as "Sahara", splendidly interpreted in the classic guitar, or "Odyssée", more rock in the spirit, but always making the beautiful part for guitars.

We'll underline the excellent quality of the vocals, it is clear, just, well mixed. Tracks follow each other while showing the same degree of quality. The last song perfectly ends this album An excellent band, highly recommanded.


01/ L'océan
02/ Quelque Part
03/ Coup de Coeur
04/ Tu sais
05/ Sahara
06/ Odyssée
07/ Hymne à Laiah
08/ Métamorphose
09/ Lune noire
10/ L'amour n'a pas de drapeau

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Lefouauflingue said...

Have fun

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Anonymous said...

I love this record. Thank you.


Abarus said...

Just started a blog, and have a few posts up.
Mostly obscure stuff: Prog, folk, psychedelia, etc.

Add me, and i'll add you back

wibbler said...

I love Atoll, many thanks for this...

Georgi The Bulgarian said...

I have so positive feelings when I listen to this band... Atoll proves that the Progressive music is not reserved territory only for the english-speaking bands, bacause the French language (like the Italian) is suitable for the Prog rock.

Anonymous said...

Hello !
This link is dead. A little re-up for french proggers should be possible ? Here (in France)many listeners don't know this excellent band. Thanks and best regards !

isabelbc said...

new link

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Aaah! It is still the good fairy Isabel from here and look with compassion on our musical adventures. Thank you with all my heart to this tireless worker of the shadow! With here the life is even more beautiful on Prognotfrog.

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