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Vlatko Stefanovski & Miroslav Tadic - "Treta Majka" {Macedonia} [1999]

Vlatko Stefanovski (1957 - ) is a virtuoso ethno-rock jazz fusion guitar player from the Republic of Macedonia.

Born in Prilep, he started playing guitar at the age of 13. Stefanovski was one of the founding members of Leb i sol with whom he recorded 13 albums between 1978 and 1991. He currently splits his time playing with his VS Trio, in an acoustic partnership with Miroslav Tadić or composing for film and theatre. He is the brother of dramatist Goran Stefanovski.

Stefanovski has played a wide variety of guitars, including a Gibson SG, a Fender Stratocaster - heavily modified with Schecter and Radulović parts, a Telecaster, a Radulović super-strat and a Pensa-Suhr super-strat. The influence of ethnic and folk music of Southeastern Europe and more specifically of the music of the Republic of Macedonia are recognizable in his occasional use of odd meters (5/4, 7/8) and non-traditional scales (e.g. the Phrygian dominant scale).

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