Thursday, February 08, 2007

Carol Of Harvest - "Carol Of Harvest" {Germany} [1978] (Folk Rock) (@256)

One of the many German bands to release a single album on a private label and watch it grow into a collector's dream. Carol of Harvest played a dreamy blend of Progressive Rock and Folk with female vocals that might be compared with Mellow Candle and early Clannad mixed with Jane, Pentangle and Renaissance. The music has the added edge of long arrangements with Moog synth and acid guitar solos, and in reality has little to do with Krautrock.

Information on the band members is very hard to find, helping to shroud this hard to find album with an air of mystery.

01. Put On Your Nightcap (16:02)
02. You And Me (2:31)
03. Somewhere At The End Of The Rainbow (6:26)
04. Treary Eyes (4:17)
05. Try A Little Bit (9:59)
06. River (2:36)
07. Sweet Heroin (7:04)
08. Brickstone (1:14)

- Beate Krause / vocals
- Axel Schmierer / guitars
- Jürgen Kolb / keyboards
- Heinz Reinschlüssel / bass
- Robert Högn / drums

01. Put On Your Nightcap ...
05. Try A Little Bit ...


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Great LP guys thanks...

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Beautiful stuff - thanks for bringing it to light.

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Thanx man
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What a great album, thanks for posting it.

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Thank you very much. Thanks for unearth it.

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What a great album! Please keep up the good work!

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Anonymous said...

Carol of Harvest is a Renaissance without grand piano, but with electric guitars and moog and vocal part looks Jane Relf, no Annie Haslan. A record wounderful!

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