Thursday, August 17, 2006

Arsenal – Arsenal I {Russia} [1977] @256 (prog rock)

progressive rock lovers shouldnt miss that are very welcome to share knowledge/info/experiences in comments..keep listening!

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The Lost Song..


Anonymous said...

Click here to download.

Carlos Harrison. said...

Hello again and again, good people...

I just finished listen to this...Arsenal..........
What can I say????? Well it's a cool one....but forgive me when I tell you true:

This album isn't a Prog album AT may be somewhere between Neo-Jazz and Fusion.......but isn't a PROG album.

But wait....if you're hooked on NEO-JAZZ/FUSION this one will make your head full.
Just download it and you'll see (hehe..listen to).

"Thank you" The Herbalist for this one..although this isn't my land..

Good vibrations for Everyone!!

Carlos Harrison - SP - Brazil

nahavanda said...


well umm..arsenal,mozarella,krzak are my (nahavanda) posts..when you call me with my mates name its hard to write a reply..

you are right this is neo-jazz/fusion.. well i like to present albums with pure styles and combinations of this styles like folk,rock,jazz,psych,reggea.... i think this is more understandable for everyone..but you can call the style what you want to call..

thank you for you comment.. i am glad to see smilar tasters on music like you.. :)

Betelgeuse said...

this is a jem!prog on!thank for this stuff! own blog is born!can i ask you to put my address on your link?

I have put yet Your blog on my "great blog links"!!bye from italy!

Anonymous said...

can you please re up this album
great stuff

thanx :)

greetings from Croatia

Anonymous said...

broken link

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