Sunday, August 13, 2006

Prog Not Frog Radio Presents: The Voice of the Moon # 008 With The Herbalist (One Million Dollars Webcast!!!)

Sorry for the delay.

Although I usually post the The Voice of The Moon every Saturday, I have had some complications. So it is today, Sunday, when I finally posted it.

This week's travel starts in Canada with Shalabi Effect a band that belongs to that enigmatic realm that some critics call Post Psych.

Later on we'll jump to Nothern Europe to listen to old bands like Min Bul, a 70's quartet from Norway, and Midaircondo, an all female electronic and visual arts project from Sweden, that orbits around sound deconstruction/reconstruction.

From Italy we'll meet Per Grazie Ricevuta a side project of the art rock collective Consorzio Suonatori Independenti.

We'll also listen, among several other surprises, to a nice Peter Hammill cover.

We'll remember Ian Dury, a quasi forgotten artist from the 80's. And we´ll be exposed to many other sounds that I am sure that will please your ears.

Enjoy, my friends, this is done for you.

And as usual...

Keep Listening...!!!

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The Great Garkha said...

Excellent!!! Thanks for remember odd genius like Ian Dury... And Les Claypool...

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