Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Fermata – "Piesen Z Hol'" {Slovakia} [1976] @320 (Prog Rock)

What an underrated band!. If you like your jazz rock fusion with prog overtones and excellent musicianship than this is for you. In the same vein as late Missus Beastly, Release Music Orchestra and maybe even a bit of Brand X and Coloseum II. But Fermata deserves more recognition because even when you fell all these influences what comes out is quite theirs. Their second is also great! Looking foward to hearing their 3rd called 'Huascaran' which everybody says is their best. Highly recommended if any of the bands mentioned tickle your fancy. (reviewed by mhiraldo)
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nahavanda said...

Click here to download.

Nektar said...

A true unearthed gem. Thank you!

poor said...

one more amazing band

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