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Hiroki Tamaki & S.M.T - "Time Paradox" {JAP} [1975] @320 (Prog Rock)

Hiroki Tamaki started very early as a musician as well as composer, some argue that his first compositions were written at 10.He dropped his possition as violin player at the Tokyo Symphony and in 1970 you can see him credited in Hiro Yanagida's "Milk Time" Album.

"Time Paradox", the album reviewed here, credited to H. Tamaki and S.M.T (Id on't know the meaning) range from progressive rock to symphonic oriented Vivaldi-like stuff, eastern drones , funky jazz rock with trippy electronics, etc. With the electric violin, leading all the tracks and the good use of Moog.

Some tracks are bit cheesy, but in overall the album deserves a truly good position in the classic Japanese prog scene.

Finally, many people Claims that Tamaki is the Japanese Jean Luc-Ponty... Listen and tell us your opinion!

Tamaki has also made a lot of music for films and television

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H. Tamaki & S.M.T - Track 01 -


Algarnas said...

H.Tamaki & S.M.T.-"Time Paradox"

blplus said...

Great fussion album, remembered me of Ponty and Kindler. Unfortunately the post lacks track names, so I decided to search a bit and found this set, and also the musicians:


1. Chaos
2. Mecca e no To
3. Kansokyoku I
4. Upanishad
5. Kansokyoku II
6. Karasawagi-Funky Effect-
7. Sisyphus no Bolero
8. Chaconne
9. Musokyoku
10. Time Paradox

Tamaki Hiroki violin
Shinozaki Masatsugu 2nd violin
Haneda Kentaro piano
Ohara Shigehito piano
Okayama Yasuyoshi drums
Shudai Haruo drums
Eto Isao bass
Takanaka Masayoshi guitar
Sugimoto Kiyoshi guitar
Yajima Ken guitar

Congratulations and keep posting great music.

Algarnas said...

Many Thanks for your Help!

Anonymous said...

Great blog!
If you are looking for suggestions, here is one (I hope you have it):

Eskaton - 4 Vision (or anything else by this French outfit)

Congrats on the the marvelous work you're been doing.


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re-up please..this great music !

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